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  1. I ordered the Z-tactical ISM-V scope from Ehobbyasia and it has just arrived today. I am a bit busy, but here are my first impressions of it. The Scope comes in a plastic carrying case that includes: 1.Lens cleaning solution 2.A brush 3.A pressure switch that you can jack on to the scope 4.Scope Cover 5.The Red dot. The Scope is constructed from polymer and is surprisingly light compared to my metal G&P red-dot. The red dot is small and fine making aiming easy and less obscured by light. This is all for the time being, I'll update later when I finish examining it.
  2. I would be interested in it as well.
  3. About 40 rounds in the stick mag. And with it being the same price as a drum mag, I'd rather get another drum mag since I put a fore grip on the rail. You could wait for JG to make their Skorpion, which claims to have 85 rounds in the mag.
  4. Cheers, to you I hope you like! May it last forever! A shame no one as commented on your post yet.
  5. Hopefully they'll make the B+T MP9 instead of the Steyr TMP, because the AESMG always have a stock, I don't think it'll take much to make a few modifications to change the TMP into a MP9
  6. Not that the battery matters much anyway, I'm probably gonna buy it, stretch the spring a little and hook it up to my 9.6v 3500 mah battery with the adaptor I have. Then I'll buy a mp5 drum mag, cut it and fix it with the top of a mp7 midcap. Then I will add an nice red-dot scope, lights, and laser to it. Bam the ultimate smg I will wait for some god to punish me now.
  7. FN SCAR is even uglier, it looks like a Frankenstein armalite.
  8. What it really needs is an SL8 rail. That will make it look better.
  9. The externals and internals are better than JG, the externals are nearly on par with a CA, but has internals better than a CA or a JG.
  10. Great Review Darklite, Now the only thing that would make me is a Chinese 1928 typewriter COMPLETE conversion kit that comes with a bigass drum mag.
  11. http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...howtopic=104614 Here's a review. Search better retard.
  12. Maybe perhaps TM put in a weaker Spring so that the Skorpion would fire at a faster rate. Which kinda makes it closer to the real thing as the real skorpion fires pretty darn fast. Beside just pay 8 bucks for a better spring and you're all set.
  13. Then does FPS really matter than much if its a CQB weapon? FPS is not a HUGE factor for CQB, its when your picking off targets at a distance that matters. I'm pretty sure you can upgrade it to better performance, besides isn't the CYMA 030 like 200 fps? High FPS does not mean as much of a difference as other things.
  14. Thats because its on sale, once the sale is gone, it'll go back up again. You made a bad job of pointing out that there were other choices. You acted like an absolutist and disregarded the SRC RPK to you Guarder one, because of some few things (Not Major). Of course the SRC will not be as great, because its an AFFORDABLE RPK. Not everyone has as money like you, besides this is not your review, if you want to make such a big deal about it, make your own review.
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