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KJW Glock 27 Full Metal Review


I'll make this short as there're already so many reviews and so much general first-hand info to be found on this gun.


Looks & Feel

This is the version with "G27" markings on the die-cast metal slide and "KJ" markings on the grip. The frame is normal, semi-shiny, non-HW ABS. The version with authentic markings on slide and frame, and HW frame, is hard to find lately.


Front sight is plastic, and looks good. Rear sight is metal and looks quite dire. The sights are white dotted, aiming them is fairly quick and easy.


It feels and looks fine, no more, no less. The quality of the metal slide and outer barrel is acceptable, no better or worse than could be expected from cheap die-cast metal. Racking the slide results in some cheap/hollow-sounding singing in the metal.


The trigger pull has the most god-awful, sticky, gritty, toylike feel I've ever experienced in a GBB.



Out of the box, I had several problems with this gun:


1) The last two BBs in the mag would always doublefeed.

Solution: I took the plastic BB follower in the magazine, and filed the top surface so that it has a backwards slant - thereby pushing the last BB backwards, away from the opening. This solved the problem completely.


2) Power, accuracy and grouping center placement I found to be unacceptable.

Power with green gas averaged 250fps at around 16 degrees Celcius. I had expected close to 300fps.

Accuracy wasn't that terrible, good enough for a subcompact gun, still I had expected better from this gun.

The groupings were centered way lower than point of aim, and sights are fixed, so something had to be done.

Solution: I decided to install the GB-Tech threaded outer barrel + silencer set, hiding a PDI 7" Hi-Capa inner barrel. The outer and inner barrels required some minor filing and dremeling, took only a few minutes.

Also, I used some teflon tape to attach the silencer at a slightly upwards angle on the outer barrel - because the outer barrel points downwards slightly, it made the silencer droop unattractively compared to the slide. When angled upwards a bit on the outer barrel, the silencer is parallel with the slide, looking far better.

The resulting performance:

Power jumped to just around the UK limit of 328fps, actually.

Accuracy is far better now, as good as can be expected with a 7" inner barrel.

The groupings are now centered exactly on the point of aim, at 5 meters range.


3) The gun suffered from bad cooldown - with a freshly green-gas-filled magazine, liquid gas was vented backwards from the rear of the slide on the first 10 or so shots (not rapid-fired), then blowback kick would weaken considerably until the gas was depleted. It seemed to me like the magazine valve was releasing too much gas per shot, thereby resulting in venting of liquid gas.

Solution: I bought a TM Glock 26A (long) magazine. Using the TM mag, it now never vents liquid gas, and power jumped to over 350fps. Very nice.



After fixing the problems, very good indeed. There is now nearly no cooldown even when rapid firing. Power, accuracy, reliability and shot consistency are all great.



This gun was a lemon out if the box, but with a little modding and upgrading, it is now one of my better GBBs. Photos coming soonish.

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Strange... I tried one at a shop and it worked perfectly fine, chronoing at 310fps. Plus the trigger pull was smooth...


Maybe twas just a lemon?

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just goes to show you that the KJW manufacturing is hit-or-miss and may require a little hands-on tweaking to perfect out of the box.


overall I would still say theyre an excellent value.


I was shooting my KJ23 and KJ27 and comparing it to my SOCOM (which has a prometheus tightbore) and I expected (as would many here) that the SOCOM would have significantly greater range.


Of course, if that was the case there would be no reason to note it. Much to my surprise, my KJ23 had the SAME range, and (here's the weird part) the KJ27, although the smallest, had the GREATEST range of all three, whizzing bb's a good 30 more feet of flat travel before dropping off, with accuracy unexpected for subcompact.


both myself and my girlfriend who was at park shooting with me were pleasantly surprised. (she likes the KJ27 best because it fits her hand wonderfully, and was happy that it got the effective range. she also likes how extremely realistic and fun it is while not being seriously dangerous.)


kj glocks = awesome!

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Darklite, it's a cheaply made Taiwan gun with as good as zero quality control, I don't think it's strange that I ended up with a lemon. Hell, my brand new WA Expert was a worse lemon than this. :P


thestory, doesn't surprise me, seems to me like the stock inner barrels vary greatly in quality.

Installing the 7" PDI barrel in mine revealed that the raw power output of the gas mechanism is about the same as my upgraded Hi-Capa, and that the stock inner barrel was junk (like the KJ magazine). :)


The KJ Glocks are awesome, you may just have to replace some stock parts with TM parts, but that is also easily accomplished. Just as shame KJ seemingly isn't making the HW-framed Glock-trademarked versions anymore.

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[2) Power, accuracy and grouping center placement I found to be unacceptable.


Accuracy wasn't that terrible, good enough for a subcompact gun, still I had expected better from this gun.


I dont know if it's me or the pistol but I failed utterly to be able to hit a cola can at 5 metres, something I can do consistantly with the KSC beretta.


Blow back is very sharp and crisp compared to the KSC, noise wise it seems a lot noiser than the beretta, power wise, well since I cant hit the bloody can at 5 metres I cant compare the power with the beretta (most of the time the beretta will puncture one side of the can although often it will just dent it badly, btw I tend to fill the can with water to stop it flying around when hit, this tends to increase the chance of a puncture as well due to the resistance from the water I guess).


Trigger pull was very very gritty when I first got the pistol, though a squirt with silicon oil improved this a lot.


I'm most probably comparing apples and oranges here (beretta elite with it's longer barrel and longer grip to a sub compact thats little to small for my hands).

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Really? I saw a KJW FMV G27 with full trades in a HK shop the other day...

Yeah I suspected that, I think the HK retailers have just stopped selling the authentic traded KJ Glocks to the west to avoid legal trouble.


How much was it, anyway? :)



Greebo, you should try and get an aftermarket tightbore inner barrel for TM Glock 26 and install it in your KJ, it'll fit right in. It'll probably improve the accuracy considerably.

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Update: the piccys I promised. :)


G27 w/ GB-Tech silencer and long TM Glock 26 Advance magazine:




Slide locked back. Upward tilt of the silencer from the outer barrel isn't really noticable:




PDI 7" inner barrel for Hi-Capa almost reaches the end of the GB-Tech silencer:


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