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Morton in marsh site update and photos ( midlands' ,uk)


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did a tour of the MASSIVE site it has loads of different terrain and cover look at photos

clink here for dirrections


these are photo's i have been promising for a while now sorry for been so slow.


email me: oliver.stephens@gmail.com or phone me :07854352238 for more info. full facilities are on site and ammo and smokes\bb grenades are available on site


i need to know numbers so post up if you would come , we have 200 acre lets not waste it :D :D :D :D :D :D










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Ah but of course!


FPS limits?


Ammo limits?


And the date of the first game of course. :D


Cheers mate, look forwward to playing there, :)




fps limits : 350FPS AEG , 500FPS bolt action sniper , gas guns and single shot sniper AEG to be decided


ammo limits: wtf?? no ammo limits or hi-cap limits (apart from specific games :P )


first game : 17th or 24th most probably




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the first game is on the 17th of august


walk-on: £25 (cash)


bb and smokes/grenades available on the day


electricity for battery available too


day starts at 9-am until 4ish maybe latter


pm me with any questions see my posts for directions there will be a big sign and me at the entrance with a big grin on my face :P

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Brilliant mate. :D


I shall be attending then. :D


I'll be the twonk in the Multicam with the SCAR. CANT miss me. :P . Do say hello, I dont bite. :)






noooooooooo not multicam please god no :P :P :P :P


yeah i will say hi will have to check your gear out i am starting to catch the multi-cam bug :P :P


see you soon


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No problemo - just need to sort out a date when i'm next up, then get meself along.


I'm easy enough to spot - short beared git, in US Woodland Camo found carrying either an M4 CQB or an AUG A3 and 2 or 3 GBB's just in case.......

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Great time today despite the low numbers. Really like the site. It has some of the most interesting and diverse woodland I have played at in a while. Would definitely be up for coming to a few games in the future. Thanks to every one who organised it especially Oliver.



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