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  1. is still alive

  2. Samm

    How you keeping yourself foo'?

  3. Mathematically impossible, but thanks.
  4. So do I get a salary now?
  5. Nowt to do with us (as far as I know).
  6. Maybe some folks think it is, but I'm afraid others don't and would prefer it taken elsewhere. I agree with them, and I did ask really nicely so please - pretty please with sugar on the top - take them to the new thread so others can use this thread for it's intended purpose Thanks muchly folks.
  7. Guys, I'd really appreciate it if you could stick to discussing the WE M4 here rather than turning this into a thread about Airsoft Buddy issues - as would some other users. Feel free to create a new thread on it by all means so people who aren't trying to read about the WE M4 are aware of the issues too. Cheers!
  8. We can't swap fruitcage for cupcake - it'd be blasphemy or something Mind you, I can think of a better use for cupcake...
  9. Both are already covered. The suitcase that can be explained is not the true suitcase.
  10. Probably because that exact permutation of letters hasn't been specified. I'm sure Marlowe'll get around to it now though.
  11. Don't go calling Marlowe God, he'll never let us forget it
  12. I was asking about something similar (but different) the other day and THAT wasn't do-able, so I doubt this is either I'm afraid. Marlowe'll know better than me.
  13. But we ARE godlike. MwahahahaHAAAAAAAAA! *strokes fluffy white cat and swivels in huge leather chair* Seriously though, don't post threads in breach of the rules and they won't be deleted (and you won't get warn points). You've done it, been warned and hopefully learned not to do it again, and no small fluffy animals were hurt as a result. Job done I'd say. If it was anything to worry about or in any way vague, I'm sure you'd both have been chatting away like a couple of chatty things about it. It wasn't, so I wouldn't worry about it - just don't do it again and it'll all be spiffin
  14. I think we covered that earlier, didn't we? I'm not personally sure, but we suspect it's 'cos the database is too busy - Arnie'll know
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