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  1. Stepdads Jag isn't brilliant in that respect. 4.2L Supercharged V8 and produces 'only' 410bHp.
  2. sgt.kicker, you are officially out of man-points for that. However, that is one dammed pretty kitty.
  3. Naww, we'll just judge you by what else is in that picture.
  4. You mean you took them out the box? (sorry to butt in PlasticMag, I just saw the original "thingy" between you two in your sig.)
  5. Considering the "94" in his name, I'd hazard a guess at him being 14 / 15 and quite obviously the aspiring ladies man.
  6. Mystical 300 feet? And thats an AEG? Or did you post a real deal gun in the *generic Americanski assault rifle* AEG thread and im confused?
  7. Sorry but 7.0 Joules for airsoft ?????? Thats 870fps (with a 0.2). Whats your MED, 4 Nautical Miles? And 423 fps full auto. Your nuts.
  8. Can't find the gun builder type thread but I got you guys a present. Linky
  9. You lot are stark raving bonkers. BB's, not rounds. Go on, shoot real rounds at each other.
  10. P90 uses a "rifle size cartridge".
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