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Calvavy Headset


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Looking to get a headset that doesn't come broken (i.e., ACM) in ICOM 2-pin, and the Calvavy (geez, one letter off) ones are in the right price range. Looking at the Swimmer style in khaki.


To my surprise a search only turned up one result. Any opinions on these things, value, performance? Not looking for $200+ Comtacs.


Also, what are these knock offs of?

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I've got the Cavalvy Elite TOTO II SWAT headset, and it's fantastic! Crystal clear reception and transmission, with audio being almost too good - when I switch my radio on when wearing it, the initial "BEEP" is almost eardrum-piercing :lol:


Haven't had experience with the "Swimmer" style headset, but from what I've heard/read of others, they're a little less comfortable due to the earcup forming a slight seal against the skin (it's rubber so intended to do this!). In comparison, the standard "Bowman" style sets have a cushion pad that sits around the ear, and the actual speaker is held slightly away (c.1cm) from the ear. This, coupled with the holes in the speaker section, allow you to both hear your comms and still retain situational audibility ;)


Worth their money, but I'm also getting impressed by the ACM version I've got, as other than a slight issue with the PTT contacts it's performing just as well!


And these Cavalvy ones are not knock-offs - they're replicas of the Selex "Bowman" PRR headset, as used by many NATO forces ;) (Top of the page - http://www.selex-comms.co.uk/selex/index4_4_12.htm )

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Thanks for the responses, and your mini-review col.parsons.


Unfortunate to hear about the "Swimmer" type, as I just purchased one off of an HK seller on ebay. I'd definitely like to retain as much "outside" hearing as possible. We'll see how that goes (both the headset and the purchase).


I realize that it is actually my misspelling, as I've confused the two words cavalry and calvary since I was a kid, and there is actually a wealth of info on them. D'oh.

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One question about the bowman style is there any one pin, and I don't mean the ACM/clones im talking about the real ones?


or are they only 2 pin?


The headsets themselves are all the same, it's the PTT that is different. I believe Redwolf sells different version of the Cavalvy Elite II's in both single pin and dual pin set ups as well as just hte U94 PTT in those set ups.


I love my Elite II. I agree with col.parsons that the ICOM start up beep is almost ear peircing with the radio volume turned down but transmissions come across CRYSTAL clear and you transmit the same too. Even though it took Ehobby Asia a month to get me mine I am very pleased with the purchase. It does fit under the PASGT with the USMC suspension, but it's a tight fit. I have been messing around with mine since I got it trying to get it perfect and I've found a way to make it work without pressing it into your ear.


Before I purchased mine I talked to several owners of the Bowman PRR with the ICOM radios and most of the people who have owned the real one and the Cavalvy say the Cavalvy is the better headset! Props to Cavalvy!

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