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Appraisal for a gun I'm thinking about selling


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I'm thinking about selling my ICS-based MP5A4. How much do you think would be a fair price for both me and the buyer?





Metal body.

ICS Turbo3000 motor.

Two tone (khaki and black).

407mm Prometheus tightbore barrel.

JBU metal mock silencer (painted khaki).

Firefly soft hopup bucking.

Madbull flat hopup nub.

Classic Army reinforced gearbox shell.

MS120 spring.

Classic Army raised metal scope mount (painted khaki).

NCStar metal 4x32 scope (painted khaki).

CYMA metal RAS kit (painted khaki).

SCAR bipod grip (painted khaki).

ICS cocking tube laser.

Deans connector.


Also comes with:

Powerizer 8.4v 4200mah battery with deans.

120rd CYMA hicap mag.

Five 90rd MAG midcaps.

Large black gun bag.


I'm also 75% sure the piston head has been upgraded to a Systema Duracon.

There are also two "HK" decals, one on the stock (khaki) and one on the silencer).


This gun has not been fielded with any of the upgrades, and has only seen about 100 rounds of test shots in my backyard six months ago.


Some older pictures, without the HK decals:











Also, as a side note, the khaki paint on the metal parts (silencer, RAS, scope, scope mount) chips rather easier than the paint on the ABS parts (bipod grip, stock). This gives the gun a nice worn look, or the buyer could redo the paint job and apply a good primer.

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$150 seems about right looking at the price of a new ICS MP5.


Longer barrel and silencer will reduce the value.

Painting it will reduce the value.

Adding new internals very rarely ever adds anything to the value.

Accessories are best sold alone rather than with the gun.


If you've got the original internals i'd stick them in and also swap the barrel for a stock length and get rid of the silencer, if you krylon the parts you've painted you'll probably find it easier to sell on.

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