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Martin Yim- Theif and Con artist


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Aside from the fact that's mostly unreadable, there's a lot of personal info in their that needs to be removed.


Addresses and emails definitely need to be taken out as they are against the rules of the forum.


I appreciate how severe the situation is, but posting peoples private details all over the web isn't a good way to go about solving things!


Edit: It's readable now.

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I have already emailed the HK police in the link people have supplied below.




Hello, I am a CANADIAN gear collector, tailor, seller who got ripped off and need help


my ebay name is RESLUCHUB


Total loss: $1960.00 USD


okay so if ANYONE has any info on this fool please let me know.




Hello everyone,


This is start to finish a deal I am in the middle of and need help getting it sorted.


It all started with me emailing passed buyers of my items on ebay. I sent numerous people links to photos offering what I had up for sale, some got back some didn't.

Chan Ken started replying to my message through email so we started emailing back and forth...as any selling goes...


I have not gotten a reply from him since Dec. 23rd nor has a package shown up and it should have been sent express EMS


I have chatted with Martin Yim (see below for more info) on msn and he claims he knows nothing about this Chan Ken.

But the name on the PayPal email matches HIS name, AND the address I shipped my side to Is under HIS name.

The pictures Chan ken Sent me was all gear of MARTIN YIM's.



The outcome of the trade after a few days of talking back and forth was:


My end:

$700 for all the pouches/ $120 for LBT vest in the picture: DSCN3059.jpg

$443 for accessory lot:

5. Wilcox control grip m600 scout tailcap $200

6. Adventure Lights VIP IR/green strobe $100

7. CAT $20

8. CAA g25 AR grip $15

9. Insight peq pressure switch $30

10. SOF bladetech Glock with X200 kydex holster $60

11. BHI riggers belt medium I believe $18

total $1260 USD


His end:

-Chan owed me $1260 but offered combat shirt and 1961 for $850 bringing what he owed me down to $410.

-CRYE combat pants in 32regular in AOR1 with gen 2 pads. NEW was offered at $700.

-I offered TASC headset for $110 which brought the pants cost down to $590.

- I had chan send the $410 he owed me to the friend offering the pants since I owed him $590, leaving me owing $180 on the pants.

-I sent the $180 as gift(meaning I can't claim it through PP) to this address: zeonzaku2010@hotmail.com

-EMS shipping on my end was $170 so, He could not afford that so He threw in BHI HPFU M-R pants and a crye/eagle aor1 hydration pouch to cover those costs.


Tracking number for the package He sent to me, HK post: RB266031785HK (shows as a letter when it should be a package or parcel)

Tracking number for the package I sent to him, Canadapost: EE132687288CA (delivered)



Here is all the other information I have come up with about this guy, and his so called "friend" (Believed to be the same person:

(I have blanked out small parts of addresses and his phone number for privacy but I have all that info if needed.


Phone number: 6180 ____


-ken.ckw@hotmail.com (email that I emailed with)


ebay buyer who is ken chan:

oc4wwd is the ebay user ID...not registered user

Leung Choi Ha


Ken Chan

FLT 527,___________,TAK TIN EST,223 PIK WAN ROAD,


Hong Kong


Address I sent my side of the trade to:

Yim Yu Hang

Room 3708,_________, Hiu Lai Court, Hiu Kwong Street

Kwun Tong, Kuwloon

Hong Kong



-zeonzaku2010@hotmail.com - name on pp: Yim Yu Hang AKA Martin Yim (this is the email I sent $180 to VIA PayPal)


-yuhang168@hotmail.com - Martin Yim's PayPal email/msn

martins gearsoc name: zielfernrohr

martins "workshop" (he gave me this address as his "workshop" which is an airsoft shop on google maps):

Room X, _______,

Prosper Building,

9 Yin Chong St.



his facebook: http://zh-tw.facebook.com/people/Martin-Yim/780144182


Buyer: Yim Martin

zeonzaku888 (zeonzaku2010@hotmail.com)

Buyer's shipping address:

Name: Yim Martin

Address: default Room 3708,3___________,Hiu Lai Court,Hiu Kwong Street, Kwun Tong,Kowloon,Hong Kong

Telephone: (852)39021566


Buyer: Martin Yim

martin.yyh (martin-yyh@hotmail.com)

Buyer's shipping address:

Name: Yim Yu Hang

Address: Hong Kong Room 3708,__________Hiu Lai Court, Hiu Kwong Street,Kwun Tong,Hong Kong

Telephone: 23414168


Buyer: Ken Chan

oc4wwd (ken.ckw@hotmail.com)

Buyer's shipping address:

Name: Ken Chan

Address: Hong Kong FLT 527,__________,223 PIK WAN ROAD, KOWLOON,HONG KONG

Telephone: 51388022


Buyer: Chan Ka Wai

oc4wwd (oc4wwd@hotmail.com)

Buyer's shipping address:

Name: Ken Chan

Address: Hong Kong FLT 527,________________,223 PIK WAN ROAD, KOWLOON,HONG KONG


his "office" but its a room he rents to store gear and sell out of:

aka: Cobra Airsoft Company

901, 9/F., Prosper Commercial Building, 9 Yin Chong Street, Mongkok

Tel: 2332 3829, http://www.cobraairsoft.com






Martin Yim

Chan Ken



Yim Yu Hang






zeonzaku888 most recent ebay name


Chan Ken:

"I will tell my friend to comfirm to take on 32R AOR1 pants for you,

You send the USD$180(send it as personal payment if you can,it can save 4% paypal fees)

After that,I will send the package of yours and you send the package of mine,

and the AOR1 pants from my friend should arrive after the christmas holiday of HONG KONG,that is 27/12,they said it would be send by DHL express...

And I will told him to send the pants after I have the package from you"


Because of the above(payment as a gift) I can not claim it through paypal as it was not for an item.


Here is a picture of Martin Yim when he was beaten up over a bad trade in the past. it was all over the news:










His "package" showed up...

see pictures!!!!:









this little piece of plastic (garbage) is definitely not a combat shirt and pants, hpfu pants, a aor1 hydro or a first gen 1961...


as you can see the address is the same as the address I sent my side of the trade to. only difference is he put Martin Tim on it this time:

Martin Yim

Room 3708,37/F, Hiu Shun House, Hiu Lai Court, Hiu Kwong Street

Kwun Tong, Kuwloon

Hong Kong

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One of the problems with Paypal is that if you recieve a package then you cannot file a claim, unless the items were won on Ebay. As the same greedy both slices of the pie sobs own the two companies, they take their cut on both sides. People know this, and try to bypass it if possible, hence the increase of people asking for it to be sent as a gift to avoid the addition greedy 4% that PP charge.


The problem with making a claim if you have recieved something, and where PP couldnt care a flying *fruitcage*, is that they say that they cannot check the transaction, so therefor as long as you have recieved something, they are not interested, hence your plastic piece of rubbish = No possible claim. IF the purchase was made through ebay, then they can check the listing to make sure that it was not altered in any way (as they control that company and know when things are changed, if it was a purchase from Woolworths say, they dont own that, so Woolies could change the item description etc. and they could not check, so they will just close the claim) and to make sure that the item recieved was the item purchased, then they will actually do something. Paypal claims really should not have a C at the start, as it is really not worth much. In fact, it should be PP Claims as long as you have bought off of us at Ebay Dept.


I wont lie, I read some of that and struggled to follow it, but I am sure that with the details more clearly laid out it is more, well, clear. The best bet is to pursue this with the police, and also the banks directly, forget Paypal. My mate just got ripped off for £16000 for some machinery from Hong Kong, and he managed to get it back (Jammie git!) but only by persuing it through the authorities with the assistance of the banks, without that he would have just kissed that money goodbye.


Good luck, I dont like people like that at the best of times, but hate them when they prey on airsofters!

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