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  1. here's my revieuw avoid it like the plague the problem i had with this gun (i have had 2 of them) is that the plastic is verry low quality (and thats a bad thing considering that most part of the gun is plastic) you can't upgrade this gun, i installed a spring to make it shoot about 420 fps but each time i cock it the intire stock flexes (the gun isn't as solid as a l96 because the stock is only atached with one point and when using the gun, the screws get loose and when you tighten them a little to much, cracks start to appear around the stock and then afther a few hunderd sho
  2. any thought or remarks ? btw that scopemount is a temporary thing (until i find the outher mount)
  3. i paid 250€ for that gun in my local shop so that equals about 370$ (and i clearly said that i wasn't sure about the exchange rates ) a the ftk cost 225$ (without shipping and customs) http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/upgrade-part/parts-upgrade-aeg/ftk-full-tune-up-kit/guarder-m16a2-boreup-full-gearbox-set-sp130-170.html i calculated 30$ for the wiring the spring and the battery (that looks kinda fair 10$ for a spring 10$ for the wires and 10$ for a lipo) if i had used vorpalbunnie method of calculating it would be a 2K gun (spare baterys, magazines, transport case,import, shipping, parts
  4. @ vorpalbunnie, i don't think you should count every part related to your gun like shipping and customs doesn't really ad value (i gues this topic is about guns whos value is more than 1000 dollar, not the amount i has cost) and stuff like charger and spare mags shouldn't really count (otherwise i could ad 250€ to each of my guns value because of my charger, and another 100 for my gun case) anyway here are my gun M4 DMR -D'boys m4ris (370$ in my local shop(not really sure about the exchange rates)) -prs stock and mbus sight (138$ for the stock, the sights are something
  5. just out of curiosity can you easily load 7 rounds in the mag (i have been told that the last round is next to imposible to push in) and do the shells get damaged by getting pushed in and out of the mag
  6. you got one for free so you could review it ? man i need to start doing reviews myself how much do these retail for did your glock cycle slower due to the suppressor or jam ?
  7. im wondering if using that screw to increase fps isn't putting extra stress on the parts because what you are doing is basically the same as putting washers behind the spring so it has less room to compress and i always thought that that is a bad thing, that you where better of with a stronger spring because limiting the space where a spring could compress would cause allot of stress on the parts
  8. its probably a kind of epoxy paint it will only go of by either heating it up or sanding it off
  9. a silencer doesn't make a marksman quiet it makes him invisible a good suppressor only reduces the noise by 30decibel (from about 160 to about 130 which is still very loud) but it alters the sound is such a way the its harder to know where its coming from the main advantage of a suppressor is that you don't have a muzzle flash which could blind you if you would wear nvg its also supposed to reduce recoil and makes it healthier to shoot because so damaging gases condensate inside the suppressor @ neilgoth whats that plastic part around you magwel @ wutang what brand of receiver
  10. how the quality of the acm fmg and where is it sold (just send me a pm if you don't want to post it publicly)
  11. hey klh 31 awsome colection that rifle above the m200 is that the one that dobey made
  12. a stronger recoil spring will make your slide slam forward even harder you can try putting something behind the spring so it doesn't move backward so far or less powerfull gas you can also try to replace the small spring behind the metal ball that keeps the lever in place
  13. it could be a problem with the sear i have a ksc glock with the same problem the full auto sear is worn out to the point where it cant grab the hammer it still works fine in semi auto (they have 2 different sears) i would recommend contacting magpull about this problem it can be a construction error,ther is only a small part of the sear that holds back the hammer so a slight deformation can cause this problem
  14. does that hop up work with every mag or do you need mags with strong spring to make it work reliable (ie does that o-ring give a lot of resistance ) i wonder if you can mod a regular hop up to have that oring
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