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G&P WA System Co2 mags?


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Just spotted this on the G&P website;




It says out of stock, but it's in the coming soon section... Could be awesome?



Also, they seem to be making some really heavily customised PTS M4's, including a 16" Mid length MOE/M203, and an SR-25/PRS/Some more acronyms. Mainly the Co2 mags though, I'm really really really really excited about the potential of those.

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Every single time I think I've found something awesome that's actually news and look through a few pages to make sure it is, it turns out to not be news. FML.




Still, I swear I haven't seen it in the coming soon section before?

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Yep, first seen April 2010. The last that was heard from G&P was that they were having technical difficulties...





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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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