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  1. I have a fully assembled Iron Airsoft HK 416D Kit (fully assembled) with a few goodies: The original Kit + What is shown below: *Real* HK 416 German Rail (Not the US one) MSRP 419.00 *Real* HK Front and rear Sights from a G3 HK33/53 series MSRP (100.00) 10.5" Z parts steel outer barrel MSRP 61.00 Real HK 416 Barrel Nut MSRP 35.00 G&P Steel internals MSRP 90.00 I can give you a choice of the RA-Tech Steel carrier inside, or the Prime Steel Carrier with G&P Negative pressure nozzle. MSRP 200.00+ Real Tango Down Grip. MSRP 35.00 Real magpul MOE Foregrip MSRP 19.99 Real surefire G2 weapon light w/ vikings mount MSRP 80.00 VFC PEQ15 MSRP 100.00 Real magpul ASAP Mounted. MSRP 30.00 Vipertech GBB Sopmod Stock MSRP 53.00 Steel A2 Style flash hider MSRP 10.00 Vipertech Steel Barrel Extension and hop up system. MSRP 65.00 Can't remember what Inner barrel I used... If you total the accessories by itself, it'll be almost 1300.00 (excluding shipping) I'm including everything, and the Iron Airsoft gun for 1100.00 SHIPPED. The only issue I'm having with this gun is the bolt carrier locking mechanism (probably needs a soft spring), but I've never spent time trying to figure it out. Once again, looking to get 1100.00 SHIPPED OBO Please let me know if you have any questions! E-Mail me @ samgao@gmail.com thanks for looking!

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