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  1. have sex with goddamned European Commision audit?
  2. CKinnerly: RAF Armourer or Fashion Consultant?

    1. DrAlexanderTobacco


      CKinnerley, are brassards 'In' this month?

  3. That's sickening, wrong and yet somehow, insanely cool.
  4. I found a 17 to be a tad small, and I'd deffo NOT recommend a 19 or 26 if the 17 is too small. The 26 felt like a derringer to me, for comparison my handspan (outstretch pinky tip to thumbtip) is just under 12", so huge shovel hands. Are there any larger/wider glock variants than the 17?
  5. have you tried the P226? I have shovel hands and the P226 fits like a glove
  6. today I am stupidly tired. I have no idea why, I shall endeavour to do sweet fa until tomorrow morning to combat this.
  7. all the big companies have retentions divisions who have the power to cut you a good deal, especially if your accounts is not in arrears and near the end of contract.
  8. What made me smile today? Reading this and remembering a friend of mine whose parents actually DID turn her bedroom into a kinky sex dungeon after she left home. And stunt's right, sex can have consequences, no matter how careful you are, and not just physical. It's best to be honest and open with your parents than pretend nothing's happening and then the fruitcage hits the suitcasebat and you've a lot of post-explaining to do, and believe me, parents don't appreciate being the last to know.
  9. Is she hot? Would you ravage her all night? If the answer to the above is yes, then go to hers, mates will understand
  10. Aye, it is the CA version, it;'s got a maruzen red-dot ACOG on top, very nice fit and finish on the ACOG actually, made a few external tweaks to it and changed a few cheesy internals but otherwise it's a solid performer, albeit I'd kill for the long mags in mid-cap form, 1000rnds is a little much for CQB. Other than that it is just an insanely cool looking gun And has go faster stripes/scratches
  11. Just stroke a very nice gun and it'll all be alright
  12. it does look mighty purdy though
  13. phone companies will rip you off for every penny they can, work out what you need, then don't budge until they give you it, competition is so fierce that every customer counts on a 24 month contract.
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