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APS CAM870 AOW (Serbu super shorty) first impression/overview

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(Picture heavy)





Also known as the Serbu Super Shorty, RS made of either a Mossberg or a Remington 870. This airsoft replica looks mostly like the Remington cause of the safety button, but the front grip is wrong either if its a Mossberg or Remington but I understand why they had to make it like this.





Ordered it from Airsofttiger111hk, easy ordering and about 9 days waiting from it left HK til it was at my door. I payed 422$ for the gun and shipping. The gun alone on that site cost 355$.



The Box


I do not have the box to show, they flipped it around so it looked like a regular cardboard box on the outside and the real box inside and so much damn tape I ruined the box opening it but I have to say, it looked just like a Umarex box for some reason  :wacko:



It comes with the shotgun itself and a shell catcher, 2x shells, 50 wads and paper, and the tool to fill the shells with gas.




First impression


Its so damn small, Its really heavy for its size but not to heavy, it feels good in the hand and its really maneuverable.

No wobble except the front grip (and that was expected) but it doesn't feel weak in any way. The front grip is spring loaded, just pull it down to flip up or down. Cocking the gun makes a really nice sound, its a little hard in the beginning but I guess it will get easier over time. Loading the shells into the gun takes no effort, It got room for one shell in the chamber and two in the mag tube.








Bought a couple extra shells, the two blue are in the box and comes with the gun.







Not much of trademarks other than on the left and right side of the barrel:







The gun also features a thread protector in the front.

One thing I found strange that disappointed me was that I had bought a 2" flash hider for this, it says on APS's website that the flash hiders are for any 870 shotguns as long as they have a threaded barrel but my didnt fit, it's about 1-2mm to big to catch on the threads on the gun.

I have emailed APS about this.




Final thoughts


I love it, I first thought it was way to expensive but I still ordered it and I cant say I regret it at all. It is well worth the money. But is it skirmishable? If its CQB only and you have enough shells I think one would get a lot of fun with this. 

Sins the barrel is so short and theres no inner barrel I am really curious about the performance, I'm in the middle of moving so I couldn't test it out today unfortunately.


I will update when I get an answer from APS about the threaded barrel and the flash hider not fitting.



This was my first overview so I'm sorry for anything wrong , I'm not that good at english  :)  










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That thread protector is a must need on a 14" pls.


Very nice review, you may be the first one to get it haha. That's a shame on the fitment of flash hider though.. I also ordered one for my friend..


I thought the Serbu came with three shells? :S

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Update on why the flash hider doesn't fit, I got answer from APS today and they said that Airsofttiger111hk F'ed up and this should be a pre-order. The gun I bought was a sample for advertisement and photos sent out to retailers, it's not a final version, everything works as it should except they didn't finalize the threads on the barrel before sending out the samples.


So APS said they will send me a new barrel in late December when the gun is officially released with no charge :)

And they congratulated me for being the first non retailer in the world to own one  :D


So when your buying it after December, it will be the final version and the flash hider will fit!

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Pro tip: Get full size and rebuild to shorty with parts! :P


X2. Unless you want markings.


Check out the APS thread soon on Gas section, will be posting comparison of the Magnum body vs the SF. SF has "SF trades."


If you aren't into long guns, get the SF and build off that, I would of done that if I didn't get a good deal on the Magnum. ($450 CDN + 9 shells).


Also SF has Gen 2 Bolts, vs the Magnum has Gen 1. (I'm sure the newer Magnums will have Gen 2 bolts too)

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Just a small update, I disassembled it today (thats half the fun, right?) and it was really easy, just screwed off the cap under the barrel (By the way, this is a remington cause the mossberg does not have that cap under the barrel) Took out the spring and the barrel was easy to take out. Cleaned it and used silicone oil in it so the cocking is a lot smoother now.


I also got to do a accuracy test and as expected, this is for really close quarters only. I was shooting a human size cardboard cutout from 15 meters and if I were lucky then maybe 5-6 of the BB's would hit. The spread on this makes it hard to hit anything farther away than 10 meters really, but within 10 meters this is gold. I am guessing that in the right scenario you would be able to take out 2 maybe 3 people with one shot cause of the spread. 


It sounds not that good when i'm writing it but on a CQB field, playing tactical and with the loud bang it makes and the excess gas making it look like smoke from the barrel, even if you dont hit anything you will still have the time of your life  :D

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