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Tokyo Marui Model 19 Combat Magnum 4"

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Out of curiosity I got myself some higher durometer o-rings for the valve. While I've long since accepted this will never be an fps race, I really just want to see how much can be squeezed out of this thing despite it having served me exceedingly well the past few months that I've been using it (and as a primary too in many occasions). I used a 3mm(ID) x 2mm(CS) Buna N o-ring in 70 durometer while the stock one is more like 50-60 at a guess. The results were at the highest 284fps using .20g bbs averaging in the high 270s, and in the low 240s using .30g which yielded a highest Joule reading of .81J which gives an equivalent of 295fps on .20g. This was all done in single action with green gas. While this does make a somewhat drastic boost, I observed that it goes down quickly after about 6 or so shots and maintains the same fps as with the stock o-ring unless you let it warm back up again. It will work best I suppose for carefully aimed shots with long pauses in between but at least it still performs well if you need to unload the whole cylinder. The best part is not much more strain is exerted on the internals, if at all as the harder o-ring only opens the valve quicker than the softer one.

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Well that blows. Just got my KM barrel and it shoots 220fps with .25g. About 20fps LESS than stock. I suspected it's from it being slightly shorter on the breech end so it may not be sealing up with the cylinder but after modifying the hop chamber to compensate it shoots about the same. Either this is not a 6.03mm tightbore as advertised or the hop window is leaking out gas. On the plus side it's a bit more accurate than stock from initial plinking. At this point I'm gonna try custom cutting my own tight barrel with a hop up similar to what I did on my SAAs.

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Ok, turns out the fps loss was caused by something else. I noticed the trigger sticking sometimes lately and earlier today a spring popped out of the gun. For some reason the right recoil shield came off which holds the gas router assembly and that spring was for the cantilever. It's glued as a closed unit from the factory but I don't know exactly why it broke, could be from dropping the gun a couple times in the past or just wasn't glued well to begin with. Anyway, with that addressed and a plastic insertaround the hop rubber to improve the seal, it's doing 240fps with .25g and green gas. So all in all with the KM barrel you can expect a slight increase in fps but considerable improvement in precision.

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Bianchi Leather may still be making some great shoulder holsters for revolvers. Many years ago I used to carry a 4inch Ruger Police Service Six revolver in one. It was very comfortable and to get the revolver out, you just grabbed the grip and pulled it through the holster instead of pulling it up out of the holster. The revolver was held in place by a spring that forced the leather to clamp around the revolvers cylinder. It was very, very fast and very secure.


It worked somewhat like the holster used by Clint Eastwood in the Dirty Harry movies. 


Just checked on-line..new Model X15 is $158.00 US..however on Ebay I found some Bianchi Model X2100's for between $40.00 to $70.00 US.


Jeepers, the X15 was only $60.00 when I bought it..20 years ago.

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