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  1. I fitted a set of genuine wood grips to a customer one recently. Screw hole was off but they fitted with a lot of dremel work
  2. Evening all, Here is my custom Marushin Super Blackhawk that I made a bit more "western". Some outside shots. Camera/sunlight combo makes it look more sparkly than it is! What do you think? Thanks Dave
  3. Rough costs are £105 for the Denix (on Amazon) £60 for the conversion £40~ for the shells (pps ones are cheaper) Thanks Dave
  4. The firing pins are sprung to keep them away from the shells when closing the gun. Internal barrels are sprung to keep the air seal and to lift the shells out for easy reloads On green gas it puts 6 BBs out at 230fps each. CO2 Would give a lot more i guess. Hop units are on the cards in the near future. Current range is 20m without elevation. Thanks Dave
  5. I'll just pop this here. My latest build. A Denix 1881 conversion with 400mm inner barrels, sping loaded firing pins, and working ejectors Thanks Dave
  6. The needle moves when the gun shoots due to vibration. I was looking at building a mister into the gun for a cool steam effect but there wasn't space (or budget) for it. Thanks Dave
  7. Paint. The body is made from sheet ali and was unsuitable for stripping and chemical treating. Thanks
  8. http://youtu.be/y-oafIx3ut4 Here is the vid. Just uploaded to youtube for you. Thanks Dave
  9. AGM MG42 i built for a customer. It came to me new OTB and ended up like this Marushin M1 CO2 version in WW2 era stock Thanks Dave
  10. I built a steampunk M14 for a customer last year. Cyma based with high speed tune up and various illiuminated bits There is a video on my FB page (DM Technical) if you want to see a demo of it working. Thanks
  11. ACM M500 Originaly the pimping chrome version with faux wood. Refinished the "wood" to look better and painted the metal work. Used paint effects to simulate wear and rust. APS 2 barrel and hop fitted for mental spread and some more range. Ta
  12. Finished my HEL E4A suppressor. Retro 'nam rifle G&P M16A1 ASCU V2 Deep Fire M100 FTK with enlarged nozzle EG1000 Prowin Hop unit Flat hopped Madbull blue Maple leaf concave nub Systema Barrel Custom suppressor TM Pro Scope Shoots as good as she looks!
  13. ASCU fitted them to three rifles G&P M16a1 with CYMA GB, WE M4, and G&P XM177E2. All installed well with a small amount of modification to the cyma selector plate (not tm spec) As long as your careful and follow the instructions They go in with ease. The only issue I had is the occasional missed shot on semi when really hammering the trigger. My ASCU V2 on the other hand never drops a shot. ASHU This is a little more tricky, but any good tech should be able to fit it. The main issue is the hop allows the rubber to sit too far back in the unit causing jams. If you moddif
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