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Cybergun EBB FAMAS news?


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I had no idea it has been 7 years in the making. Man, that sucks. And I have thought about trying to figure out my own way of making a GBB version using the WE SCAR bolt. Just need to machine the correct rails and housing with a proper fire control scheme. The fire control scheme has been the tough part in my head in what to do for a possible burst. But there is some one who made one too that within this year has posted two YouTube videos that I ran across so far. Pretty neat, but he has fire control issues hehe

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Your missing the point.  It's CYB.


Working Prototype does not mean you have the funds to pay for a 200 Unit run of production.


Plus, CYB working prototypes mean absolutely nothing.  


Case in point...

Their Arsenal Dueller Prismatic Double .45 that ran on CO2. 

Their "product development" guru had those designed and made for the James Bond Movie.  Guess how much it cost to make.  Guess how many they sold at the 1000.00 price point.  


Guess how fast the Slide ate itself running on CO2 (T6061) with Aluminum bashing on a steel slide stop and the people that noticed this fatal design flaw at the Shot Show in 2015.

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