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Glock laser hop unit


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A foolishly ambitious project, spoiler alert, doesn't work the way I'd like it to.

It's a hop unit for airsoft Glock that shoots lasers instead of BBs. Basically like the "laser bullets" you get with real steel guns but for airsoft, with the blowback. 


It takes the pressure which is usually meant for the BB to push a switch to close the circuit of a laser diode where the inner barrel is usually positioned. 



Splits into two for assembly.

Testing the plunger / button: 


Assembled, now tested in a gun with plenty of gas in gun. 


Predictably, with the recoil shaking the gun around (This is on a steel slide Glock with Volante BBU), the target dot isn't very useful, it creates a streak instead of a clean dot, here you can see a test with a nearly empty mag, where the very last shot does not cycle the gun, here you can see a clean useful dot. 


So that pretty much brings me to the end of this project as far as I'm prepared to go for now, oh well, was fun and learned a lot in the process. 


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Kinda like what I did on my SAA only it really was just a .38 cartridge bore sighter. With the end cap turned just a hair from turning on, the pressure from a shot is enough to activate it. Wasn't really useful as the dot was on for just a split second. If you design yours to be a whole barrel assembly (non tilting for simplicity) you can probably cram in some circuitry for a delay to keep the dot on long enough to be easily noticeable. 

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Funnily enough I actually started this by doing the whole barrel, and slowly shrunk it down to the hop unit partially because my 3D printed outer barrels kept exploding from the pressure, although that's probably because I didn't omit the tilting barrel as you suggested. I don't have the knowledge to do any circuitry for delays either, perhaps I'll tweak the spring pressure and see if I can get the dot to be a little bit smaller. 

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