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Steel CAW HK69

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So a while ago I put all of my airsoft stuff (and most of my belongings) into storage, many months later after the home renovation was done, this happened to my CAW HK69. 


Naturally the next thing to do was the 3D print a replacement: 



Top: CAW version glued back together, bottom, sparkly blue test prints


After the fitment was okay, it was time to get bits CNC'ed in steel 


Having ordered a few correct diameter steel tubes, they were sent to @junglejim LCs Engineering to fit, machine and assemble.


As always, Jim did an amazing job on the lathe machining and putting the parts together, fitted with real steel iron sights, here's a little preview of it unfinished next to a two tone stainless steel USP-9. 


It was time to get the correct finish, after many places turned me down, finally a place was able to parkerise the parts for me, giving it a slight grey finish. 




Very happy with the results, weighing in at 2.5kg+, it's very close to the real thing. The final steps to take are likely going to be engraving the lower with trades, and also making a rs stock fit somehow. 

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I have to say, when I saw the first image in the post it physically hurt.

But the replacement looks amazing! How much did it end up costing  you, if you don't mind me asking?


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LOL, was looking for one of these and considering a steel barrel, however at between NGRS and PIW price I think i'll stick with plastic. :)

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