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  1. E&L AKMS with Madbull PBS-1 and WE Browning Hi-Power with WE Makarov suppressor.
  2. In truth I never used the stock magazine as I had several of these rpk magazines around
  3. Oh god I want that in the worst way
  4. Team Wendy Exfil MS2000 Ops Core Amp arms w/adaptors, AXL RAC link and Sordins Princeton Tec light TNVC Mowhawk MK 2 A&A tactical helmet cover Bullet Club, obviously, 4 life
  5. Still waiting for someone to do this
  6. Working on a build based on the gun I carry in my buddies ARMA 3 campaign. CYMA outer barrel, gearbox, lower (temporary). Upper is a E&L. Slim handguard is off my rs Bushmaster. G&P Aimpoint and Surefire M952V on rando mounts from Ebay.
  7. My mostly real steel parts build LCT G3A3 is nearing completion!
  8. My wife - the f are you building at three in the morning in the bathroom with a Dremel? Me - a weapon to surpass metal gear
  9. Sorry for the necroposting but I'm hoping someone can help me with something I'm sure is super obvious. I got the RGW M9X snap supressor kit and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the inner barrel to fit in the extended outer barrel. Do I need to remove something I'm not seeing?
  10. Rig by head on tactical. Straps by 8492 nylon works.
  11. Jaeger and Tarzan rigs plus a Czech bag for more frags and whatnot.
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