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  1. judgeman


    LCT G3 Real parts: Flashider/ furniture / sights / pins Lonex upgraded internals VFC claw mount, vintage Bushnell Sportveiw glass
  2. LCT G3 Real parts: Flashider/ furniture / sights / pins Lonex upgraded internals VFC claw mount, vintage Bushnell Sportveiw glass
  3. judgeman


    Was tempted to post this is the HK thread, but I'm trying for a hail mary here. I have a LCT G3 that somehow lost it's selector lever and accompanying bits. I have contacted a few US based airsoft stores and one said the earliest I might be able to get one is in September. I'm hoping to find one sooner but I have no idea where to look. I've contacted LCT but no response.
  4. Working on a East German E&L conversion and I had a correct-style grip 3D printed.
  5. '94 dated LBV Repro Portuguese Lizard smock Not pictured: Eagle A3 pack and my M727 Fun fact: this was the first game in over 15+ years of playing fake army that I ever seriously injured myself. Tripped and fell on some concrete at a prison game and broke a rib.
  6. These guns are absolutely *fruitcage* beautiful. I will regret selling my King Arms FAL till the day I die.
  7. Essentially doing the same but with a WE. Got a bunch of Guarder parts on the way and a old style rear sight. Debating trying to fit a Guarder slide.
  8. Currently in the process of fine-tuning the fitment on some mid eighties dated Sig 226 grips.
  9. This is why my wife and I have separate bank accounts.
  10. Swapped out the front end for a Airsoft Artesian Armalite tube setup. This is the gun I have wanted for something going on 10+ years and I couldn't be happier. Masked the screw holes with hot glue and painted with Model Master SAC Bomber Green.
  11. Pulled the trigger on one of the VFC OPS Model 12 suppressor and flashider combos.
  12. E&L AKMS with Madbull PBS-1 and WE Browning Hi-Power with WE Makarov suppressor.
  13. In truth I never used the stock magazine as I had several of these rpk magazines around
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