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I have to agree with Fixxxer - I've had no luck with them - they are a pleasant enough bunch of guys but they never seem to have anything in stock (even when it's advertised on their website, a particular pet peeve of mine) and invariably you will get an email saying it'll take them x number of weeks to source it.


Apparently the best way to deal with them is to phone them and check it's all in stock beforehand... having had a few nightmares I don't use them now.


However, some people seem to swear by AD, in my experience I find I want to swear at them..


I've had much better experience with Fire-Support than virtually any other UK retailer (and I have no affiliation with FS, just that's been my experience so far).




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been ordered from them 4 times. only the second time they didn't let me wait 3 weeks for some stuff thats amazingly easy to get from other suppliers.the rest of the situation, well, I would say that I could set up a web site myself and do a better job then them, some time it makes me wonder if AD really works like that, a one man's operation, no storage facility no customer service, only they did clam to have everything from their "updates" on the site.

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ordered a handful of times. only ever recieved one product, and that i had to wait 2-3 weeks i think it was. DONT order online from them. If you do want to place an order from them, ring them to check stock levels. Saying that thou i ordered a spas12, only to get a phone call the following day saying they didnt actually have stock of them. Never did get a spas!

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ok, i've put this on other threads, but...


i've never had a prob from them, but then i stick to buying sundries,

chargers and masks and stuff, and i do always phone..

thier prices are highm but delivery if the item is in stock is groovy... next day in my hand, even though i ordered in the afternoon.


that said, i really recomend air soft scotland or wolf armouries instead.


if you do use AD, ring and ask for paul.


he seems to have half a clue about whats going on.

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Back "way back when" i was getting into airsoft i always ordered things from them cause, i have to say, they have the most professional looking UK airsoft web site i've ever seen.


I just assumed it took a month to get something through.


But the icing on the cake was waiting 4 (yes count em) 4 months for my 13" digicon target and 3 months for my M3 Super 90 shotgun.... although after 3 months for the shotgun i cancelled the order and got it through zeroone in 5 days.


Never turned back since.


From mine and my friends expirerence, if they have it in stock, there quick and good, if not...... really, really don't bother.

They lied to me over the phone so many times saying it will be another week, another week, just sending it out now ect.....


Sorry, seems i'm still bitter

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