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  1. some nice guitars there, more of a fender man myself. really like the orangey burst Strat. though saying im a fender man, i brought a couple of things yesterday, had a bit of a naughty splurge. egged on by my mate who works in the shop knocking money off, and my complete inability to not buy stuff i dont need, i ended up with a new Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro, and even more unexpectedly an Orange Micro Terror valve head and matching cab. and a padded guitar bag, and a cable. they are both mega, the amp is absolutely unbelieveably good. would reccommend to anyone.
  2. nice Stag, ive got a mk3 spitfire, but im respraying it before selling it, and have replaced it with my new car : ford capri 2.0S. not been ont eh road for a while so have to service it and i suspect run some kinks out of it, butits very solid, ahs very nice paint, and is all there. it has the interior i want, the 5 speed conversion, the right model, the right colour. and insured it for 170 quid fully comp.
  3. i know, its bad especially when you consider what the japanese have been able to do with the evo and impreza over the years aswell. still, the mustang is very relaxed due to its big engine, youre never really making it scream.
  4. not my ride, but my cousins, which we went to pick up yesterday. i couldnt not show you though, and he does (did) airsoft, so i guess it sort of qualifies it. certainly not my cup of tea, and if i was spending this much money i could come up with a list of cars as long as my arm i'd rather buy, but my god its *fruitcage* rapid. it has the roush suspension, exhaust and best of all supercharger . 4.8L V8, about 450 BHP. i still struggle to see how american companies get so little power from such huge engines. sounds great aswell, and the acceleration is phenomenal.
  5. haha indeed. its some sort of berry apparantly. i should have guessed that would be the first comment made though
  6. got my new one coloured in yesterday, though still not quite finished. all the important elements of my faimly tree without the crappy looking crest/shield shape and design. i asked for the eagle heads to be the main thing, glad i did they look mint i think. the banner below the heads will be yellow, and a bit more red in the point between the banner and the lower diamond. the diamonds look a bit odd at teh moment just sort of stuck out, eventually i'll get something that fills the gaps between and around them. no rush though my arms not going anywhere that im not. and the ot
  7. Walter Sobchek

    1. Samm


      You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

  8. got a fancy dress costume today. its a pure sweatbox, but its well worth it. not too expensive either.
  9. that hat is mega. the black and silver watch is like an '80's magnum PI flashback
  10. me (closest) and my brother last year before embarking on a 200 mile rally in my '67 spitfire. good times. behind me you can see my mates brown mgbgt (the Brown Pearl, apparently ). THE most '70's thing on the earth, without doubt. brown, beige and orange striped seats, black plastic, vinyl and velour.
  11. got some more done yesterday. the finished one at the top is a design from a shirt i brought at the first gig i ever went to (oasis at finsbury park 2002 i think), the new one underneath is an original design based loosely on the style of the finished tattoo, and a sort of woodstock festival poster vibe. the colour is going to really bring it out. needs a bit more design work at the bottom, other than that i'll leave it nice and clear if i fancy something else around it. edit - probably needs a photo
  12. haha i almost called my dog Wickett because hes a small, fluffy, confused looking dog. wish i did now.............
  13. hmmm, not quite. my friend has a highway 1 tele, and the finish is definitely not the same. it really is hard to describe. my strat is a different colour in different lights, and the finish is very 'teflony' as i said. ive never picked up a guitar with the same type of finish. the guitar is stock other than the gold woodscrews (dont ask ). i tried to find some pics on google, but typing in 'fender satin strat' doesnt get you much. theres just not many pictures of these about apparently.
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