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Where to buy Auscam?


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Been looking for some Auscam BDU's for what feels like an eternity.


Have looked at the Artkis stuff, but it's just too expensive for the amount of use it'll get.


I've checked eBay, but again, nothing. Other than 1 fella selling some impossibly small sets for a lot of money.


Even looking at surplus suppliers web sites in Oz, but no joy.


So.... Anyone know where I can get some reasonably priced Auscam? Anyone got some hiding in their wardrobe they never use?


I realise I'm probably going to have to pay over the top prices, as it looks like this stuff is as rare as rocking horse sh!t. Why is this kit so hard to find? :(


Anyway, any help appreciated.





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you came to the right place mate enjoy




and btw ive posted this and more up bofore and so have other people so can you use the serch button next time its the red one on the top bar

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In the UK www.ansontactical.co.uk in Eastbourne retail Arktis Kit in AusCam. Clothing & a wide range of webbing is available although Arktis stuff isn't cheap it it's very well made and is highly regarded. It's the genuine stuff, have a look on Mil photo's and a lot of the Aussie/UK/French SF use it.

Anson Tactical are also a very reliable vendor and can probably get unusual items if you ask nicely. I really rate them. :)

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