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  1. You're quite right mate. Sounds weird, considering you do a lot of reviews.... I hadn't considered it a "review page", more of a niche sub section of Airsoft. Bit like the Sniper only pages, but with significantly less ego 😂
  2. I'm still lurking... Honestly couldn't tell you when I joined as it all reset when the forum crashed. I still remember the arguments as some had to change their usernames as they'd been snapped up by new members. Only FB page I really use for Airsoft related research is The Full 9. Everyone else seems to want me to like and subscribe to their in depth appreciation of a cardboard box, with about 30 seconds of vagueness regarding its actual contents.
  3. ...and I'm also a Huw (albeit a different spelling). It was an amazing day at Strikeforce. My thanks to Sharky and the Strikeforce team for the fact I'm still smiling about it
  4. And to be fair... You're right! I hadn't seen Raid available.
  5. I really like the look of grey kit... Unfortunately as a woodland player it has very little use for me Just thought I'd mention though.... The new A TACS LE is a lovely mix of greys. Originally it looked like blues and greys - but they've just put a photo up on FB, and it doesn't look blue at all (sorry, on my phone so can't post a pic). I was going to pick up some Kryptec Typhon, for the pose factor - but LE may have just pipped it .
  6. I had ordered some of the 7.62 fastmags that are available at various China/HK websites. Unfortunately they never turned up, so I'm unable to comment on them I just use normal WAS pouches now, and ram an AK mag in. Not ideal, but the best option I have at the moment. Annoyingly it doesn't look like Warrior will be making AK Shingles in FG, as they've removed them from the website.
  7. WE XM177, chopped down a bit. Just whacked an NPAS, Angry Gun 6.03 and a Firefy soft in there, and she shoots great
  8. Smoke

    Custom Gear

    That would be great. Cheers! Cool novelty is perfectly good for me, I don't play in the dark much...
  9. Smoke

    Custom Gear

    I like that! I like that a lot! Where did you get those made mate?
  10. Ditto. Painfully bad service. I'll not be bothering with them again.
  11. I saw that one, and thought it was a steal Barrel is 2 piece. Splits down as you say. Npas - If memory serves, it's clockwise (looking at the boltface to lengthen the valve), and drop FPS. Stock hop rubber is ok, but not great (very hard). I've replaced mine with a Firefly Soft - Which I still find overhops a .3 on a minimum setting - but I've not put a lot of rounds through it yet. Gonna try .4, even if it makes my wallet cry .
  12. Pretty basic and lightweight rig (chicom), as I'm waiting for AK fastmags in ATACS FG for my FG RICAS... Trousers are Ops Tactical Ultimate DA Pants.
  13. That is both awesome, and very brave! I congratulate you Sir! Brilliant.
  14. Meh... Half the BBC had ravaged me by then. I barely felt you
  15. Hahaha! I'd forgotten about that.... Or repressed it... One of the two. What the photo doesn't show, is that it was bloody freezing (about -5). So poor 'fodder was a bit chilly in that get up
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