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    I'm the only registered Seaman on Arnie's.
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    1980 something.
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    Currently I skirmish with; ICS CQBR or CA M41 Offizer.

    Support: CAM 249, Top M60, Custom RPK, SP M203/CA M15, Custom L86a1.
    Rifles: CA M15a2, G&P CQBR, Custom CQBR, Star L85a2, Star M14 Sopmod, 2x Custom HK416's.
    SMG: ICS MP5a2, 3x CA MP5, TM MPK.
    Shotgun: TM Beneli M3.
    Pistol: Every airsoft Glock ever made, TM 1911, KSC USP Compact & USP Tactical. TM G18c & M93r AEP's.

    Some other shit I forgot.
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    Make it hot......cold..cold.. ooh, that smarts
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    Mountaineering, Diving, emigrating to a decent democracy loving country like Kosovo or BH.

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  1. One popped up on ebay last month. I believe Level Peaks were going to get them. Saw them listed with one of the other usual stores but I can't remember right now.
  2. The Danner boots are not currently orderable, I think they were available from them lask week. I was trying to justify the cost to myself, but was going to go through a UK distributor. It would make sense for that specific product to be put on hold given the nature of the claims.
  3. Snake, if you want the camelbal to clip directly onto the vest sew some SR 25mm buckles onto a T-shape made from molle webbing and thread onto the pals. If you don't want to sew get some D-ring adaptors and replace the D-ring with a slit field buckle. http://prostores2.carrierzone.com/servlet/emdomusa/Categories?category=T-ring+Adapter
  4. H-man that means a lot coming from you buddy!
  5. The Waco Kid

    Waco's gear sale

    Airsoft & Tactical gear for sale
  6. So Star Trek invented the transporter because of a budget constraint but Dr Who isn't "proper" science fiction because because it cut costs on costume & set construction. Okay. Milk may or may not come from cows. Have you ever milked a cow? How do you know for sure the milk you drink isn't Dog milk? Alternatively milk may come from Cowes and be delivered by hovercraft, which is entirely possible & even probable. If you take mass & put it in another universe you must get a receipt! How obvious is that. Would you buy an AEG from HongKong & not want parcel tracking
  7. I quite agree with Gadge & 1st commando's comments about scopes.
  8. I tend to have the same approach as Basho and skip stuff I don't find relevent or feel I don't have useful input. Of course my opinion of my own knowledge is highly inflated. I kind of always assumed that a lot of users checked the view new posts option regularly. Browningman I don't have much confidence that a flashing neon logo fifteen metres high would encourage some people to use the search tool so.......
  9. I have to agree about ICE's customer service, it took me five months to get my stuff (BDU/pouches/chestrig/jacket) from them. I tried pursuing them through paypal & by e-mail/phone. I had to demand a refund & had repeatedly instructed them to cancel the order. I was given a different excuse & delivery date on several occasions. The threat of legal action got a response the next day despite them not replying to my previous two or three emails. The kit is okay but considering the delay & hassle I would not use them again because the customer service stinks. They would be bette
  10. UW 14 oct 06. Lock & load Mutha *fruitcage*ers Advisor has landed.
  11. UW 14 oct 06 Billy & Jimmypie. Niether of them is standing in a hole they really are hobbit airsofters!
  12. The Waco Kid

    Skirmish images

    Various snaps from UK airsoft sites
  13. Personally I'm not after doing a GRAW loadout. It's a ###### game far to slow & plodding. wouldn't mind a CP armour chassis though......
  14. BCS NIJ Armour carrier. $120 ish from ebay. Very well made vest.
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