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"Matrix" M-14 Pre-Order on Evike


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matrix, isn't that like evikes "homebrand"? or am i remembering this wrong?

200$ is indeed very steep...

wonder if the are just rebranded KART M14s...


on a side note, i just got an email in from gunner, saying his M14s will be DE M14s (double eagle?) :mellow: the plot thickins...

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Yep Matrix is Evikes insert rebrand here thing. M4airsoft.com is going to get some in.

NEW Pre-Order: Brand New M14 @ 330 FPS!

We'll have more info and pics coming soon...the pre-order price is still

unconfirmed but will probably float in the $175-195 range.  Check back for

more info...

Our myspace friends know everything FIRST - join them for the latest news,

pics and video!


Thanks so much to everyone for the continued support!

DE M14 you say. Indeed the Chinese brands are powerful as the Emperor has predicted. :starwars:

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In england the cyma CM028 (s version as well) is around £95 and the marui AK is £170 so when you look at it that way, the $200 for a cheaper M14 compared to $340 for the marui, that is roughly the right price for the cheaper version.


Roughly saving 40 percent on the cheaper china airsoft versions of popular AEG's. But remember you also get a cheap batt and charger not that there great but my one for the cyma 028s still works fine.

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Evike's prices are horrible. As soon as a few more stores start getting this in, and using the actual brand name instead of Evike's "Matrix" rebrand, I can almost guarantee this will be anywhere from 30$ to 60$ cheaper.


Evike is just doing what he always does - get it first and sell it high for as long as he can.

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I tend to agree...

Unfortunately, unless our airsoft "Sir Galahad" (Gunner) manages to settle the price to some reasonable figure, I believe 200 bucks will be prohibitive to most purchasers, without even considering the shipment/handling fees (for us who live at the far end of the world).

Gunner.... you´re our last hope!

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