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  1. So redwolf is a joke, and they get your orders wrong, yet you still order from them? On topic; is this becoming the norm now for ehobbyasia, that they get orders wrong and/or send out damaged goods?
  2. The flash hider should be spring loaded (on the WE model it is), see in this YouTube clip below and skip to 2.30 you'll see its spring loaded and easy to get the hider off. https://youtu.be/6AS74O2DP1U
  3. What he said(arrow pointing up, not a question mark please 'smart' phone). Bravo.
  4. Wow, that's a lot pretty big *fruitcage* up (by the manufacturer).
  5. Hey, I've just made this better by making it worse. The odd thing is, I'm not even surprised. Still sexy though.
  6. KIC is very good, email them and you get a quote:- Business Card Info Journal of Foreign: Foreign the Sales & Marketing Manager kicbbgun@gmail.com (overseas marketing business dedicated mailbox) They've never failed me when I need WE gbb parts.
  7. What uppers do you want to swap with which lowers?
  8. Circlular holes always take the most slamming. Would be nice to know if ra-tech have released something that actually improves a gbb.
  9. Because it's WiiTech?
  10. Why arn't you working for WE (I reckon the money isn't enough)?
  11. Steel trigger parts (at least in this case) is like the alloy wheel for the airsoft world.
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