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    scratch builds
    -Knight Armament SR16M4 : G&P SR16M4 metal body, G&P special forces medium RAS, G&P Aimpoint with high mount, G&P OD 3point sling,TM flip up rear sight, STAR SR-25 flip up front sight, CA KAC OD vertical grip, OD railcovers and OD collapsible stock.
    - Noveske Rifleworks Model N4, with King Arms Noveske KX3, G&P M500 handgaurds, King arms cantilever mount and G&P aimpoint
    -TM M4A1 RIS with Nitro V gasblock, cutoof carry handle rear sight, STAR SR-15 front flip up sight and M16A2 outer barrel
    -WA Wilson Combat Tactical supergrade compact with Shooters Design Wilson Combat SDS Duotone slide
    -WA 1911 custom Muesoc
    -WA Tommy Franks Micro compact 1911
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  1. sturgis

    What music are you currently listening to?

    Def Leppard - Pyromania!
  2. sturgis

    TM FN Five-seveN GBB

    nice review! terrible shame about the trademarks though!!! No FN trades makes me a sad panda... To bad i've recently splurged on 3 pistols and a mbk for one... otherwise i might have been tempted... Hopefully, Tanio Koba or gaurder will come out with replacement frames with correct trades... might have to get one then
  3. sturgis

    What music are you currently listening to?

    edit :damn 11 song albums now on:
  4. sturgis

    1911 Picture Thread

    from looking at the pictures i'd say they are seperate... also the "stainless" one comes with a black frontsight wich leaves me to believe even more that it isn't moulded I don't have a ARMY or TM MEU to try that on, i want a metal kit for the 1911 build i posted above, but sights seem impossible to find seperatly, at 60$ i'd be willing to get the ARMY one to butcher the sights off... I just wanted to make sure as i have had way to much hassle with different cut sights on my WA pistols.. Meanwhile i have gotten a PM from beretta (the guy who posted the picture comparision in this thread) saying that they will fit ! So i geuss it's full steam ahead with what i have in mind
  5. sturgis

    1911 Picture Thread

    are you talking about the front or rear?
  6. sturgis

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    Some of my team and i, in front of our field HQ i'm in the middle and me, unaware of beeing photographed on my way to the start of a new mission
  7. sturgis

    1911 Picture Thread

    12 hours and noone who can confirm this? If someone would be so kind? as everything rests on having a set of MEU sights...
  8. sturgis

    1911 Picture Thread

    i finally gave in and purchased a non WA 1911! picked up my teammates TM 1911 the other week and already have put on some bits LCT silver trigger TK beavertail TK flat MSH TK ambi safety TK silver egghole hammer OD kimber grips I basicly wanted to recreated the last project i attempted with my 4th WA but didn't complete...HOWEVER lol, i've noticed gaurder makes some nice kits for TM stuff, alas it seems the TM platform is plagued with the same problem as the WAs... i've spent the last hour trying to find some MEU sights to no avail... So..Considering the ARMY MEU is a clone of the TM MEU, i assume the sights are the same aswell? ARMY didn't decide to use a different cut or something? cananyone confirm this?? since it's only 60$ i figure it might be a good idea to get one if only for the sights
  9. sturgis

    What music are you currently listening to?

    Contineuing on my 80's theme Twisted sister live at Hammersmith Can't stop rock'n'roll, you SMFs!
  10. sturgis

    What music are you currently listening to?

    ooooh, yeeees 1983's Billboard 200 #1 album! *feels the noise*
  11. sturgis

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    nice Jin ! here 's mine, finally managed to pick her up from the UK last weekend after missing her since this summer i'd like to have a stock custom made, but i need some info on how it works, some more detailed pictures would be welcome aswell, so if anyone has one, please, please, reply here or PM me...
  12. sturgis

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    i'm after a few detailed and closeup pictures of a spas 12 stock. some info on how it attaches, would be welcome aswell. Anyone have a stock they can take a few pictures of? or have some pictures in you archives?
  13. sturgis

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    god i want a stock for my SPAS ! i picked one up this summer, but left it with a mate to shorten the barrel, will be picking it up this weekend how i've missed the ugly *badgeress* mean looking M3 dannyboy!
  14. sturgis

    What music are you currently listening to?

    Kid Rock - rock 'n' roll jesus Never listened to a Kid rock song before this album, but this i like very southern , i just hope he sticks to this kinda music instead of his crapmusic... I guess touring with the Skynyrd straightend him out kings of leon - only by the night heard the single 'sex on fire' on the TV the other day, and really liked the sound of that song, halfway through the album so far, and i must say i quite like it! really digging the sound of it... reminds me of someone but i can't quite put my finger on it yet...
  15. sturgis

    SIG Picture Thread

    the top rail had a sunk in screw, once that is out, you can slide the top forwards and lift it out.

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