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  1. And another one taken today...
  2. My L119A1... G&P M4A1 AEG (base) G&P Diemaco Stamped Receiver G&P Storm Pistol Grip G&P KAC Style RAS Pro Arms L119A1 Barrel Warlord Tactical L119A1 Reinforced Front Sight Warlord Tactical Diemaco Stock Pad Warlord Tactical Diemaco Sling Plate Genuine KAC Rail Covers Genuine Diemaco Detachable Iron Sight (DIS) Rear wired to deans connectors & using it with my SBS Qala-I-Jangi Afghanistan 2001 loadout...
  3. Speaking of A1s, my two seen here... . Some of my Carbines too... G&P M733 aka Colt M16A2 Commando G&P XM177E1 aka Colt Model 609 Commando G&P M653 aka M16A1 Carbine
  4. Cant get enough of the stuff... Even on the rifle too! Ok..I'll leave it there for now.
  5. Moving on into the late 80s/early 90s this time im using my Special Air Sea Services (SASS) Coverts Operations (COP) Vest... A cracking bit of kit for gaming in & a welcome change from using 58 Pattern, PLCE & Chest Rigs when using my G&G L85A1.
  6. Theres no School like the Old School. So, with that in mind... Now, some of you might be scratching your head at these magazine pouches thinking they look different to the norm... Thats because Ive had these two completely custom made exclusively for my airsoft 20 round Armalite mags, based on the ones seen in the reference material & more importantly an original one I'd actually seen for sale on SASS's ebay store way back in 2009. These existed just before the more common 'drop loop' ones that we've all seen which became available slightly later in 60s &
  7. Inspired by the series of pictures showing two SAS lads training in the Brecon Beacons, 1970... In case youre not familiar with these pictures this might help put it on context... This gear featured in Airsoft International magazine last year... Some of the original pictures I sent in... Kit List: Norwegian army field cap Scrim net scarf 59 Pattern Denison smock WW2 Camouflage Windproof Smock (dated 1943) 50 Pattern (1953) jungle trousers (trousers drill green) Roll pin belt Altimeter pouch (with prismatic compass) Armalite AR-15 'drop loop' pouch 44 Pa
  8. My beloved Armalite AR-15 (G&P M16vn) seen here with my '60s SAS Borneo' kit display...
  9. Being a massive Chest Rig fan myself, these are some of my commercial & issue ones from the collection, that I use for gaming & are good to go for a British Northern Ireland loadout... Arkits Arktis Arktis Arktis Copy Arktis Rig Magro Comkit Issue PLCE Rig OG PLCE Chest Rig & one of my Arktis Rigs with a late 80s kit set-up... Normally I stick to Brit Kit when it comes to Chest Rigs but I have this Russian 'Splav' made M23 Pioneer Chest Rig too... & some others too including ones which I had custom made... O
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