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  1. awesome mod. the stock charging handle is a pos.
  2. which magwell adapter is that and how is it performing?
  3. which mount is that? looks higher than the standard larue copy I have
  4. bougth the freedom art mount that replaces the rear sight. bit pricey but was the only option for the U. holding up just fine after a few skirmishes
  5. bought the magic box expanding pin and works like a charm.
  6. hello all my front receiver pin worked itself loose in the last skirmish. I wrapped some teflon tape around it to make it a tight fit and it worked for the rest of the day, but it has now become loose again. I also noticed some play between upper and lower receivers. I can move the upper forwards and backwards and side to side a bit. Will a new TM replacement pin eliminate the play between the receivers?
  7. do the next gen AK's (and for that matter the g36's too) use standard v3 gears or are they next gen specific?
  8. thank you for dissuading me of buying another ebb
  9. Curious - how similar are the next gen g36 gearboxes with the AR gb's besides the bolt stop function? Will a spectre fit in a g36?
  10. is there a special way to take off the end cap on the buffer tube? trying to swap out the recoil spring but the cap aint budging.
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