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  1. camp blessing, azzcrackistan
  2. apparently there is a downfall about the rbav's release system comming undone to easily.
  3. hes using the super sniper scope.....wonder if he's even mil.
  4. Top is a good friend. we play locally. They are slowly working on there kit to bring it to "par"
  5. i dont think its sagging very badly.....real loadouts weighs more than airsoft loadouts.....Then add in extreme use.
  6. wtf are you guys talking about.....the item around his waist is an upgraded pad for the alice pack. the cummerbund is above.
  7. theres a picture way back of a SF carrying an ump..
  8. since when does afsoc use a glock.....could be cag.....i see some rg/sg in the back of the pic
  9. love the kit. black boots ruin it though
  10. omgzors, must be derlta farce.
  11. havent started the search yet. some obvious things needed. proper weapon setup. comtacs, firstline (in my case)
  12. Heres my SF fail work in progress.
  13. F U YOU AL GORE, its 5* plus 15 minus wind chill. Global warming my *albartroth* game today
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