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  1. Just received mine. The storage side does indeed take two shells, but I wouldn't waste your time putting them in there. Or at least on mine I had to get a thin flat head and flick the edge of the shell with the latch lifted to get them to come out. The active shell popped out easily enough when tilting the rifle vertically to give the shell a bit more momentum. I did notice the two pins that hold the trigger pack in are quite easy to knock (they haven't fallen out but after just some messing around I had to push them back into place). I'm fairly happy so far, mainly because of the he
  2. Perhaps an odd request. But my M&P9 V Custom got lost 2 months ago on site, and was stumbled upon a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately however it seems the slide has swollen or deformed thanks to being exposed to the weather and the gun jams up (when fitted, the nozzle doesn't spring back as it should, unless you widen the slide by hand). Anyone have any idea where a new top slide might be available? Checked Eagle6 but they've only the regular slide available. Not too fussed by replacing with metal as I fancy keeping it usable in the winter. Sent from my iPhone using Tapa
  3. As the battery is in the foregrip, you'd still be able to get the top rail (not top cover) off without any issue with side mount (which you'd have to tap the TM receiver to fit). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Top section/rail just comes off, depress a spring loaded nub that holds it in and lift straight out. Battery changes are pretty quick if you had to do it in field or something. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Got into the AK world with a TM AKS74U. Snapped two stock catches in two games (I'm not sure what they're made of should even qualify as metal) so got a team mate to fit an M4 stock tube (using metal resin, a bolt through the stock mounting block on the rear of the receiver, screwing into a steel washer inside the stock). Chucked on a CTR clone stock, Nitro Vo/Laylax rail, BCM Gunfighter grip and Shield CQS micro dot. Finished off with some khaki and OD krylon. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Finally got in on the AK party, stumped up for a TM AKS74U. Only fielded her once but pretty happy, then got a team mate to get the rattle cans out. Was very much in two minds about putting the stencil on each mag (both sides) but I'm happy with how its come out, probably a bit marmite for some.
  7. Gave my TM recoil some love this week with a Troy Battle Ax stock and a fresh coat of paint done by a team mate. Previously didn't want to paint the optic due to using it for a couple of different rifles, but now I've sorted a sight for the other one, the short dot will probably stay on this and get a matching spray job. Has come out a bit lighter in the images than in person mind.
  8. Long shot, but have they been opened up recently for a clean and perhaps put back together incorrectly? Can't see how BBs could get around the follower unless something has been really worn down.
  9. +1 to the Naga. Been using mine in some pretty chilly weather with just a heat shirt and its been perfect for the job. That said, as soon as it starts getting warmer, it'll be too much for skirmishing in though. As stupid as the hood looks, it seems to serve its purpose brilliantly. Very expensive for a essentially a hoodie with one small chest pocket, but its a go to layer in the winter for me.
  10. A team mate has replaced every single part internally and fitted a BTC fet, so gearbox wise, yes it is entirely the same as the M4/416 line up, the differences coming with the recoil weight I believe, which is a larger size given the larger buffer tube etc.
  11. FFI make sets of Crye-style M81 kit. I think JK Army has them?
  12. And if not, you can do a spot of filing to the outer barrel to make one side have the same profile as the 6 o'clock, which is what I did to fit my RIS 2 on a SOCOM. Didn't need to do anything to fit a battery within a Madbull Viking tactics rail, just just a split pack 1450 lipo from component shop and just used a spot of tape to hold it in position whilst sliding the tube over.
  13. If you're going with the fet, get rid of all that QD cubbins (fuse, bars, contact points on the stock tube) and just solder two lengths of wire onto the wires on the stock and be done with it.
  14. They've a dedicated website too, but tbh it's probably easier to browse eBay as it's a bit of a mess. Couple of mates have bought from there regularly and not had an issue. I've just bought some sordins and a midland PTT today so I'll find out for myself what they're like too. I did buy a lonex piston and piston head from them a whole ago and they seemed good then. The clothing one is a difficult one to get right though, they are repro trousers and from their point of view, they don't know how you treated them to cause the issue. Perhaps they could have dealt with it better and discussed
  15. Just read on one of the recoil facebook pages that the Next Gen BTC should be on sale within the next 48 hours or so.
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