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    SR16 with all the trimings. MP5A4HG with all the essentials. Star/TM SL-9 with bipod & silencer ect. TM FNP90 (RD Version). KSC TMP with Stock & Silencer (Lil Jimmy). VP70 with stock (for the RE4 look). Original WA V12 Gilded. WA S&W 1911PD. HFC M199SE Full Metal & Semi and Full auto.
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  1. Basho in the words of Rage Against The Machine "Sleep now in the fire!" but if you like it why not.
  2. Good god I have like 5 pairs of which only about 2 fit me.
  3. Ive set this as my desktop background its FAB!
  4. letterbomb


  5. You better get not put that pic on the net. Or it'll be the advert for the new Lynx fragrence.
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