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  1. Red is merely brown with higher color saturation. It's a surprisingly inconspicuous color when it comes in little patches like that, just look at Flecktarn. The contrast helps the camo break up outlines better.
  2. That gun is ugly as hell. I love it.
  3. Could be worse, although the tang on the stock adapter is supposed to be inside the receiver. /wetblanket
  4. You can still use a red dot with the front lens cover on and both eyes open. Binocular vision is a wonderful thing, your brain will map the images together and still give you a decent sight picture.
  5. http://www.specialtydefense.com/c-24-load-...-equipment.aspx
  6. Radrockin. Holy crepes, man. That thing's practically a magic eye. Nice job!
  7. Damn, I guess they discontinued it when they found out the real steel short RIS II wasn't made to accomodate the FSB. Oh well. Congrats on the unique gun!
  8. Mightyjebus- what rail system is that? Looks like a DD RIS II, but I can't find any in 7" length. Looks hawt.
  9. random bullpup laser rifle, pew pew!
  10. Just make the M16 accurate and you'll have one hell of a loadout!
  11. Best paintjob I've seen in a while, I want more and larger pictures!
  12. Ohfortheloveofcrap. Enjoy killing your expensive appliances, dude. I hate this senseless "induced wear" mantra that seems to be on everyone's mind. Just use your kit and it'll wear in naturally, and it'll look better and more authentic. As a bonus you won't ruin a washing machine.
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