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  1. Totally with you on this. I have over 25 TM standard magazines which cost me no less than $22 each. Add to that a Trijicon dot sight at $500 and according to these people every STANAG accepting gun I could possibly own would be a $1k+ gun. I do my own mechbox work, when I did it commercially I charged a minimum of $45 per hour with a 1hr minimum; if it takes me 10 hours to get a PGC mechbox together is my gun worth an extra $450? NO!
  2. I just ran my GBB for an OP this past weekend. My old GHK mags are still going strong... well... maybe not strong but they're still working as they did when I got them. I have an EB mag (the ones that come with Viper guns) and it leaked out of the box. But it's a round seal design so I can fix it. I tested out 2 new prototype mags that were promising. Round seals, lightweight, but the feed was not perfect. I had to modify the feed lips a bit to allow feed, but by that time they were just a bit loose for reliable operation. Other than that they were perfect so I'd expect them to m
  3. Yeah, that's what it looks like. I wanted to get that JDT bucking too, but I'm not too keen on ordering from ebairsoft; I also know that my RATech ones work and they're not much more expensive, I just bunch my orders from them so I always get free shipping and it works out. I was always curious about the AEG type hopups; it just seems like people love them, then you ask them how well it works and they say "well, I haven't had a chance to really use it, but it seems to work well inside the house for 5 shots"; then you see "it works well but after about 30 shots the hopup rubber tore apart".
  4. The RATech rubber has a protruding nub. This gives you more hop. It's goon on short barrels because the BB is in the barrel for such a short period of time that it needs a little more to get a stable hop effect (especially with heavy BB's). With my stock hopup, I was almost at max to get stable flight with my .30's on the 10" barrel. With the RATech rubber I'm somewhere in the middle, so it gives me more adustability. It just overhops with my 20" barrel. Even with .43g BB's and zero hop my shots go to the moon. I need to drop that back to a B&P rubber.
  5. G&P hopup units flat out work right and work consistently. I have heard nothing good about long term usage of anything other than WA and G&P style hopup units for these guns. That's all I use with either G&P or RATech hopup rubbers (RATech rubber is good for short barrel)
  6. ThaFlash

    KJW M4

    To bring in a lot of WA user experience with RATech silicone O-rings here: Their fit starts out fine. As you use the gun more and more, the o-ring expands and gets tacky. Pretty soon, what was a good sealing low friction piston becomes sticky and sluggish. This can happen really, really fast, in as little as a magazine worth of firing. If you ever frequent the GGI forums, and you search for RA Tech or RATech o-ring you'll see that just about everyone who has bought an item with an RATech o-ring has had this problem. Some people believe the solution is to buy more of the $2 RATech o-rings
  7. ThaFlash

    KJW M4

    Beware of RATech's silicone o-rings. They cause nothing but problems in the WA system because they are too soft and absorb too much oil. If you want to upgrade your KJW, stick with Cradle Airsoft's robust design.
  8. I have gotten quite a few Oakley A-Frames from www.backcountry.com and their sales sites steepandcheap.com whiskeymilitia.com and tramdock.com They don't always come up in tactical colors, but when they come up for $30, it's a "might as well" situation.
  9. So your G&P mag works fine?
  10. Sorry about the late reply. I only use Oakley lenses. I have an Oakley lens that has saved my life because it took the impact of a snowboarder landing on the edge on my goggles. All Oakley lenses exceed all ANSI tests for impact resistance for eye protection. There is no test right now for multiple impacts. And there is no way to determine how (if at all) the lens was damaged during any particular impact. So the lenses are rated for a single impact. It's a lot like a helmet, if you crash and hit your head, you're supposed to replace that helmet. Whether or not you do is a different
  11. No word, I'd expect to see them in the next 3 months.
  12. I have not heard of a confirmation if it has the G&P upgraded o-rings, In all likelihood it's a black version of the Bomber, which is a good mag. I was going to get one, but I'll wait for the CO2 mag.
  13. Mine came with metal filings inside the mag, inside the seal grooves. My release valve also would not seal. I eventually got it down to a slow leak, but it leaked more than my stock WA mags. I'm pretty sure I just got a bad one since it seems like few people had as many problems as I had out of the box, but it's also not like you can get any support from Pro-Win when their stuff goes wrong. Pro-Win using a free floating brass tube to secure the fill valve is just bad. I've been contemplating tapping the magazine body for a proper sized sleeve that could hold the fill valve. Their act
  14. I heard good things about the G&P's from the few people that bought them. I had a terrible Pro-Win experience, I hope that it was just me getting an early model with poor QC but the fill valve is a quite terrible design by Pro-Win.
  15. It's not a competition, just placing the correct information out there. I saw your post, it contradicted everything I was told so far but I never researched it before, I did a quick google search and there you have it.
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