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  1. Thanks, man. Yeah... that's a Sword Type-56. The impression wouldn't have been complete without it.

  2. dude.... I saw your vietcong pictures... you are THE man... thats a SICK look and awesome gear, real sword type 56???

  3. sgtHanzo


    Victor-Charlie was the most formidable adversary that our soldiers and Marines fought in the rice paddies and jungles of Vietnam. The impressions below were not made to glorify the enemy we once had and degrade the sacrifices of our brethren service members of that era. Rather, the collections below is an attempt to put a face on the enemy who pushed our warriors beyond human endurance and helped transform (through bitter lessons-learned) the U.S. Armed Forces to the superpower that it is today.
  4. I figured out how to mount the bipod swivel without disassembling the handguard to kingdom-come. Here's the "Black Mamba" in a true S (Sharpshooter), designated-marksman variant.
  5. 'lookin' for realism? The first vid is a bit blurry. I didn't bother to do another take as this is just a test-run. But, check this out and let me know what you think. LINK:
  6. The mismatched suppressor size and caliber markings are a bit irritating. The performance and the photo-op meter somewhat compensates for this pistol's misgivings, though. 'still looking for the correct suppressor. Nothing new here, just a bit different presentation.
  7. Oggy - Have you had any luck buying the mags? They seem to be almost, always out of stock. The $128 price tag per mag is a wee bit high as well. Grrr!
  8. Thanks, man. She could certainly use a new lower receiver. We'll see.
  9. Joe - the M203 is a G&P Deluxe replica. The RQOS comes with the deluxe. Gents - Feel free to click the links below to view the hi-res originals. Thanks, hanzo, out. http://armand321.smugmug.com/photos/738831222_4g3HX-O.jpg http://armand321.smugmug.com/photos/738831327_9HmSN-O.jpg http://armand321.smugmug.com/photos/738831047_HyY53-O.jpg http://armand321.smugmug.com/photos/738831521_crZ4P-O.jpg http://armand321.smugmug.com/photos/738831127_MuxwW-O.jpg
  10. That, you're quite right, Luis. Indeed a Mk. 11 is chambered with 7.62 and a Mk. 12 is 5.56. Thanks for the correction.
  11. Kenworth - The Long. I'd be lucky if I'm able to nail anyone consistently inside the 200ft range. Even with heavier BBs (.28s or .30s), airsoft is just not meant for accurate target acquisition and neutralization. Also, given the FPS limitations of most fields, it's very rare that I swap/upgrade with internals that'll allow for maximum effective range engagements (550fps). She currently shoots under 430fps at the moment. The Short. Depending on windage, elevation and clear line of sight, between 130ft - 150ft
  12. Mk11 Mod0 SPR with replica M3 scope and Gen3 NOD mounted All shots were done on ambient lighting. Some samples of the NOD (off-topic) observations: Pics below where shot at 3x magnification between 275ft - 300ft (Google Earth) Observation 1: Deck at 300ft. (100 yards) Observation 2: Playground, Swing at 245ft. plus (82 yards)
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