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  1. Thanks it looks absolutely fantastic
  2. What holster is that in the last picture?
  3. Yeah I know it's convenient but that doesn't stop me from hating it . And BiKeReX I don't know if you were being sarcastic or not. You shouldn't take the mag thing personally it's just personal preference .
  4. aaargh mag conversion kit. I'm gonna buy an *generic Americanski assault rifle* and shove a g36 mag in it just to ###### of the armalite users Nice paintjob though.
  5. Bout time you posted again . Awesome shots but what in gods name were you doing in that first picture ?
  6. Buy the ammo TT vest it's more appropriate for a flecktarn loadout. The SWAT patch kinda gives it away and I'm not even mentioning the shoulder pads... Also be carefull buying from flecktarn.co.uk they're quite expensive (they use pounds so don't be fooled), so check with other shops such as asmc.de or rangershop first. Although here everything seems te be in order.
  7. poor you, hope your glock gets well soon! Thanks for the info
  8. Where did you get that slide. It's truly awesome.
  9. Sounds tempting. But I don't know if we can get those here in Belgium, ah well ignorance is bliss
  10. First revolver I own, and the feel of cocking that hammer is just pure win.
  11. God I love that shot rik. Makes me want to take mine into the field once again
  12. They only have 2 years warranty or is that just because I live in Europe? And yes there is a big difference, the reticle is holographic it looks like it's being projected onto your target. Edit: Someone beat me to it.
  13. I look at your web site often. Pretty neat man!

  14. From a member of the airsoftbrugge forum. But I don't know where he gets it from. The best way to get one is to make it yourself. Although I heard Land Arms is going to start producing them aswell for a price of around 12 euros. Don't know when they'll hit the shops though.
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