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  1. Ranger Stubbs

    Chin Grab.jpg

    "You have GOT to stop jabbing your bayonets into each other's eyes! Someone's going to get hurt someday."
  2. Ranger Stubbs


  3. Ranger Stubbs

    Small man or Big cup?

    "Somehow playing indoor airsoft just ain't the same without my coffee and anorak."
  4. Ranger Stubbs

    I want me some fun!

    Why does it always say "Aim towards Enemy" on THAT end of the launcher?
  5. Ranger Stubbs

    Big Guy.jpg

    Guy on the far left, whispers... "Dude, don't let him see the donuts you have hidden in your drum mag!"
  6. Ranger Stubbs


    "Go on without me, guys, I've got to cover my cupcakes!"

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