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  1. update time - I dunno what's happened, but the new version of "find it" is crashing FF (and I'm using the noscript plugin, if that helps: Currently allows Arnies and Google, in case you're wondering). New version of the find it page just locks up FF totally, no warnings. Any ideas?
  2. Interesting - that's the first positive info I've seen on them!
  3. QFT The Tanaka ones, whilst yes, available, are not exactly what I'd call "Airsoftable", judging by what I've heard and seen - even a guy at Wolf a couple of years back said it was more a paperweight than a serviceable pistol for Airsofting! Noted problems include: Leaky magazines - allegedly, you charge the mag with gas, and it leaks like sieve. Range - not very far, apparently Velocity - hell, you can throw the balls faster, I've heard! reliability - they break easily, it seems. So, Marui, KJW, etc - get a grip, and make a decent L9A1 Browning, please!
  4. These have been mentioned before, but they'd be VERY welcome, esp for modern reenactors who play Airsoft as well L9A1 Browning "hi-power" Pistol, or "GP-35". L2A3 Stirling sub-machine gun (SMG). L1A1 Self Loading Rifle (SLR). - On the way Two manufacturers have current plans to release an SLR each L4A3 Light Machine Gun (LMG or "Bren"). There y'go: That's my wish list (and yes, I've fired every one of those in RS when I was "in" )
  5. An Uzi, and the only thing I'd add, is the facepaint is laid on far too thick for most British troops! Aside from that, nice job
  6. A few from when I was in the RMP(v) In order: On exercise, somewhere up north (can't remember where, think it was Proteus) Woken up on Exercise Log Leap '84, IIRC. The photographer was NOT kind enough to bring me a coffee At the Duke Of York's reopening, 1995 IIRC. Note Shiney Boots (as an old instructor once said, Shiny Bots, Shiny Mind!) Finally, one that many of you'll be drooling over... and we got to fire off four each We were backloading the remainder in favour of the LAW80, you see!
  7. Got one a couple of weeks back; nice pistol; however, take note: Marui mags will not fit They're a smidgen too thick
  8. Arnie - many thanks for the linkages; they worked a treat, even if I did have to cut'n'paste them, lol For those who aren't that well computer-know-how'd-up, here're those links again, properly formatted - RIGHT click and "Save As" to save 'em http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/links/map/output.ov2 http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/links/map/u...rsoft_sites.ov2 http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/links/map/u...t_retailers.ov2 http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/links/map/u...oft_surplus.ov2 http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/links/map/u...t_equipment.ov2 Happy New Year, one and all
  9. Hiya Arnie Mobile number's still the same, mate - gimme a bell sometime Re TT - I'm using TT6 for WM5; it still uses OV2 files; I managed - dunno how - to get the ASCUK version via a google search, but I'd obviously like the AA version I've run a search of both HDDs here, no Airsoft OV2 files bar the ones I manually d/l'd off ASCUK What's happened?
  10. For some reason, POIEdit is.'t allowing the OV2 poi files to be uploaded to TT6 - and I can't find the poi files on my hard drive, to manually do the update either - any ideas?
  11. Here's a question - I used to have a version 1 P90 (RD), I'm now seriously considering another, but... how easy is it to get hold of those 5-bar side ris mini rails? I'd like to put another rail on the left side of the P90!
  12. Working just fine for me, and I'm using Firefox 1.0.4 here (and there's a new update available for it that I haven't downloaded yet too!). You sure your copy isn't broken somehow?
  13. NO! Not green - it's black, and adonised (not gun blacked) at that! Problem with the cocking handle on the model you have, Doc, is that it's (1) too thin, (2) too long, and (3) has a bleedin great shiny screw head showing in the middle, and (3) spins on its' axis. Hope the above helps, anyhow
  14. Dunno about the cocking handle in the first photo, but I LIKE the CWS (Common Weapon Sight)
  15. Thanks, lol NP, do understand, just a little close to home for me, as you can imagine.
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