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  1. Properly Camouflaged P90.
  2. There IS room on G&G (Army) based L85's however on the ICS based L85's there is no room for a battery. There is a large metal block under the foresight and its long and wide enough to prevent any battery installation unless you heavily modded it with a drill. Drilling it off would not affect the R.I.S., however it will mess up the installation of the stock hand guard (if you cared) not to mention it would be a HUGE pain in the butt. Madbull really needs to have some better instructions for installation, it would have been way easier had I known exactly what went where, especially in re
  3. Rogue, the sling hook is easy to get off, see that fake flat head screw opposite it in the hand guard? knock it out with a screw driver (you can always glue it back in with thread lock) and then use a phillips to take the sling hook off. Took me a minute and I figured it out. Also, I have the same problem with the connector and I'm using a deans. I'm thinking about just putting the wire through the top in that slit where the R.I.S. flips up for access to the fake gas tube assembly. Thanks for the photos guys! Makes me feel not as lame mounting a PEQ on there!
  4. Yeah, figured if someone had access to them they'd probably choose a different rifle as well. Back to the drawing board!
  5. I'm using a Guarder SP120 setup that runs fine with every other battery I own. My new problem is the ICS has a bar under the barrel which combined with the R.I.S. means no battery options for me. I'm considering a PEQ box, but are they even issued to British troops who use L85's?
  6. Not a fan of that style of rail system, but props getting it on there! I just mounted the Madbull Daniel Defense clone along with a magpul AFG. My camera is dead, so I'll post photos later. I would like to ask, what stick lipos are you guys running? My 7.4v 1300mAh 20c sets off my lipo alarm for current over-draw. Need something with more amps and/or higher C rating. Also, in terms of rail covers, any suggestions? Having a hard time finding short panel covers. I'm thinking of getting some OD ladder covers since they are cheap and I can cut them down.
  7. Ah, ok, I've been eying the hornbill stuff for awhile now and it is mid-June and still no sign of any flash hider or conversion kit for the ICS? From what info I've found online it seems the G&G and ICS are similar in terms of how the flash hider is mounted which makes me really want an ACM G&G flash hider, however I'm not sure enough to shell out the money. Anybody know if they're compatible? And while I do love my hornbill scope mount, I think I may just end up waiting for a madbull conversion or full kit for the ICS. It would be cheaper for me anyway as I get free shipping and d
  8. 7.4v lipo's are totally fine on stock guns. The voltage is low, but the sheer amount of avaliable amps is where they really shine. Mine made a Classic Army Motor spin a sp120 in my ICS L85 faster than the stock motor or a magnum clone I have on hand. (FYI, until now I thought CA motors were useless). I have no idea why people even bother with those crappy NiMH's. The only expensive part is getting a smart charger, but once you do, it lasts a lifetime and good ones can charge on car batteries and you can help your buddies out by keeping their NiMH's cycled and charged at the field. Also yo
  9. Nice! I actually think the tactical equipment with the jeans looks great! Here's a few of me and some I took (Desert photos are Arizona, forest are Michigan): Me using the M249 as an assault rifle After I got out of a game with my KJW 1911. Going with your shirt off is bad *albatross* until you take a full auto burst at 20 ft. and a sun burn once you get home...not going to repeat that ever again. This photo is of my cousins, brother, and family friends. Typically on the 4th of July we have 10 vs. 10 games where all my relatives and some family friends borrow or use
  10. needs more airsoft

  11. Strike a pose. Result of my younger cousins and I getting bored with my D60. Unfortunately I do not have any decent programs to filter the picture and I cut off a tree in the back ground and included a little too much sky, but meh, whatever. As for our equipment, we're desert airsofters and lack any decent equipment for airsofting in that green stuff and we're gently suprised how our DPM's blended in better than our U.S. Woodland.
  12. Don't mean to be a downer on a great guide, but I'd just like to note that this mod did not help my G&P Magazine. Still fed like ######. I happened to break a MAG midcap though and scavanged the spring, bb stopper (note sure what the official term is), and plastic 'spring guide'/spacer and replaced the G&P guts with these. Still didn't work well (although it actually fed ten bbs which was more than the G&P spring ever fed), so I loaded and unloaded it several times. This seemed to do the trick and it now feeds flawlessly. This incident may only apply to older model G&P
  13. Great review man, my CA SLR 105 Para uses the same exact gearbox (only difference is the airnozzle) and it's performed beautifully after the 5,000 or so bbs I've put through it. Only issue I've had was a piece of some soft metal wedged it's way inbetween my spur gear and sector gear causing a jam (still after a few months I can't for the life of me figure out where it came from). No damaged caused in any form (my spring guide was perfectly fine), so threw it back together after noticing the nice internals CA included as well as a good lubrication in all the right places with the apropriate w
  14. Great review, BE has come a long way since their AUG w/metal V3 gearbox. However, I also discovered BE's cylinder head has a great sized o-ring, so I stole it from my AUG and have been running it in my CA M15 ever since. Great compression, although I'm not sure I could say the same for the rest of the parts in the BE AUG...but like I said, it looks like BE has come a long way since then.
  15. Hey, Far East, I was considering putting the ECHO 1 cylinder set into my CA V2 and V3 gearboxes and I was wondering if you could answer a few things? 1. Have you seen any wear on the second tooth of the piston from incorrect meshing with gears? (A big problem I have my deepfire nylon piston) 2. Do the cylinder sets come with V2 heads only or do they produce V3 specific with their G36, AUG, etc. cylinder sets? 3. How eactly is the piston standing up to the high spring ratio? You only mentioned that you were testing it and I'm very curious as I have a high rated Systema spring ju
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