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  1. morugatu

    FN Picture Thread

    Properly Camouflaged P90.
  2. morugatu

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    Nice! I actually think the tactical equipment with the jeans looks great! Here's a few of me and some I took (Desert photos are Arizona, forest are Michigan): Me using the M249 as an assault rifle After I got out of a game with my KJW 1911. Going with your shirt off is bad *albatross* until you take a full auto burst at 20 ft. and a sun burn once you get home...not going to repeat that ever again. This photo is of my cousins, brother, and family friends. Typically on the 4th of July we have 10 vs. 10 games where all my relatives and some family friends borrow or use our AEGs and have a blast! Highly recommend for family events, hahaha! One the two randomly assigned teams at a field I go to on Sundays (its privately owned, so we don't pay anything). Note that two-three team members were loading at the time of this photo. Also, we encourage new guys of all ages to play, so typically there are several t-shirts and jeans to be seen around the games. One of a few members of the other team holding what we call the 'house'. I'd have to say, I never understand people's beef with newbies or younger folks. My favorite thing in the world is to introduce new players to the game in the several communities I play in and see their faces light up with eagerness to play airsoft. And the even crazier thing is thanks to all the Chinese AEGs, its cake for these guys to jump in and already have a gun the next Sunday we meet! Here in the U.S. airsoft is slowly outpacing paintball and locally in Arizona every paintball field and store now offers airsoft, a few have even completely switched to airsoft! I'm really proud to be a part of such a friendly community as airsoft. You really don't see people freely loaning their guns out to people they hardly know in paintball. Sure you get the uptight fellows every now and again, but after you give them a good talking to they shape up or stop playing. I'd say the same goes for chat forums, especially arnies. Lol, its equal to that warm, fuzzy patriotism you feel for your country sometimes.
  3. needs more airsoft

  4. morugatu

    Artistic Airsoft

    Strike a pose. Result of my younger cousins and I getting bored with my D60. Unfortunately I do not have any decent programs to filter the picture and I cut off a tree in the back ground and included a little too much sky, but meh, whatever. As for our equipment, we're desert airsofters and lack any decent equipment for airsofting in that green stuff and we're gently suprised how our DPM's blended in better than our U.S. Woodland.

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