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  1. Got 2 A5's straight from KIC fully disassembled
  2. much neat. What techniques did you use?
  3. Thinks this will work for your hop? http://www.ebairsoft.com/maple-leaf-wheel-marui-glockmp92-p-8777.html
  4. Gents, After reaching out to Ace 1 Arms via Facebook Messaging regarding the barrel issue, their response was essentially; "tough luck, we messed up on that region of the slide and since it's purely aesthetic and doesn't affect the function of the gun, we don't really care." Not sure if I had too high hopes for this company or what, but the barrel really sucks to look at :<
  5. Doing some back and forth FB messaging with them. Will update once it concludes
  6. So this is what I'm faced with: Normal resting But my barrel moves freely even with the slide disengaged It would seem that the top of the slide that's suppose to hold the chamber in place is severely lacking in material hence the barrel is allowed to bounce freely back and forth. I normally wouldn't mind this except that after every shot, the chamber fails to seat correctly.
  7. NonEx, can you check the original gold barrel on your A1A SAI slide kit and see if the chamber seats properly while the slide is at rest? For some reason, my chamber can move freely in the slide and it's bugging the hell out of me! It looks as if they shaved a little too much material off of the top of the slide thus not allowing the chamber to rest properly and "catch"
  8. I've found that good, proper shimming is crucial with the Spectre to ensure that the cycle detection works properly. Also note that FETs do not increase motor heat when braking is disabled so that's another sign shimming was the problem. From what I've been able to observe, the spectres do indeed come with only one of the small red wire now. They bridged the solder points of the original two wires with a metal bar so only one wire is needed. Makes for much easier fitment in gearboxes
  9. the incompatible gearboxes are listed in the FAQ http://www.btcairsoft.com/spectre_v2gb
  10. The Dragonred/Airsoftdepot FAST are the same helmets from the same manufacturer (IDEAL) and made of several layers of fiberglass (hence the "higher-end"). IDEAL also makes a cheaper versions of the FAST helmets (all three versions: bump/carbon/ballistic) which are injection molded ABS plastic also very much like the Emerson/FMA versions. Also shipping from Airsoftdepot is like $20-$25 USD to New York. I know because I asked and purchased one, the owner of that shop is also a member of another airsoft forum. If you are to get the FAST Helmet replicas, go for the DragonRed/AirsoftDepot v
  11. Alright, this review is specifically to highlight the features of this softshell which other reviews do not. Let's get some background information going first. This softshell (Rothco Special Ops Softshell) and the Condor Summit Softshell jackets are exactly the same from the same manufacturer. It is just rebranded for different companies, just like Hatch-Corp, Condor, and many other glove companies coming from the same manufacturer (I know because I know the CEO of the company that manufactures for them). This review is to bridge the gap between the Condor Summit Softshell and the Rothco S
  12. Tried to cannabalize the ACH OCCDial liner onto the AF. IT DOES NOT FIT! Reason being is that the AF helmet wraps around the back of your neck head much lower than a ACH would so the dial itself has no clearance in the rear due to the shell.
  13. Just got my order in from JKArmy. My bucket was the 2nd shipment that JKArmy sent out and surprisingly, it came packaged in a padded box!! Bucket looks awesome and fits me perfectly!
  14. Soo its almost been a month and still no signs of trigger spring replacement from KWA. I'm visiting a engineer at a spring specialty shop tomorrow with my broken trigger spring so if anyone wants to hop on the wagon do let me know via PM. On a side note, can someone post a photograph of their trigger springs so that I can bring it in with me for reference? I lost the bit that snapped off of mines so without an accurate photo, I'll be shooting in the dark. Much thanks
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