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  1. The last round of SKD PIG stuff was made by FirstSpear. SKD moved away from Eagle due to them moving most of their manufacturing overseas and the insane wait times.
  2. Ok, so Im coming to this thread for the 1911 gurus. So as I understand it, the TM Night Warrior 1911 is based off of a Springfield Operator 1911, now my question is, does anyone know what safariland series this weapon fits? I have a safariland for a standard Colt 1911 with a surefire MR07 rail a surefire x300, and from photos, the two pistols look similar with the rail, but safariland does have codes for Springfield Operators specifically. Just wondering if anyone has any experience, as I know sometimes different weapons will fit different safarilands. Thanks for any help. The world of 19
  3. Not as cool as a blast belt, but taken at work a couple months ago while working with some of the SERT guys.
  4. Kinnaird, I've seen photos of some SPEAR vests that had a horizontal PALs mod done to them by a couple of SF riggers. Also, if you watch the documentary posted a couple pages back, some of those guys pouches sit way to high on their SPEAR to be attached to the bottom ALICE points, and there are no extra straps visable for a chest rig.
  5. Haha, yea, I got the shirt Medic, I also ended up ordering one directly from Massiff. As for the multicam over ACU, an entire strike force of the 101st AB runs all MC Tac. Tailor MAVs over their OTVs. As for the stock, again, I've seen a couple pictures of grunts running other than standard stocks.
  6. US Army Groundpounder. Circa 2008. Can provide kit list if anyone is interested.
  7. Here we go again........ ACU was meant for the urban battlefield that we are fighting in now and not for the lush, wooded areas that we had planned to fight in. From a distance the pixels break up the outline of the human body and serve as a very good IFF for other troops on the ground. With how widely distributed/copied the different US camo patterns are, it becomes easy to not be able to tell the difference between who is who on the battlefield. ACU is not the be all end all of camo, and those soldiers who depend on proper camo for survival will always have access to the correct camo
  8. The neck pad is the new nape armor by Crye the Army is starting to issue.
  9. Didnt notice the helmet. It would be looking great if not for the SCAR
  10. Blazer: You have a lot of CQBisms in what you are calling a recon loadout. I'd suggest getting a helmet and an m4 and calling it a Direct Action loadout.
  11. A couple of us did that at drill one weekend. We are all now a couple patches short. If you wear them on your arm I'd suggest cutting them down if at all possible so they fit flush with your arm pocket. But thats just me though.
  12. Got bored. My rig set up as of right now. Pretty comfy considering all the PPE I have attached to the IBA. -Oakleys only on the vest for cool guy factor -
  13. Why dont your ACU's have the IFF tabs Rattler?
  14. The vest is an Alauda Centurion Tac SF vest. I have yet to see any on the surplus market. http://www.alaudacenturion.com/
  15. Nothing high speed. MSA MICH w/fixens.
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