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  1. If you wanna make it last, forget the kit, just buy upgrades instead. Basicly ALL parts can be found as upgrades or off hardware stores. I still dont know why the triggerbox is different, mine is STILL the closed-bolt box and runs fine. Get the steel hopup, Angry Gun bolt and mod the CB bolt-catch into a OB bolt-catch, its the best there is for its place. The RA-tech "reinforced one" is meant for RA-tech bolt and sits too low for OEM and Angry Gun bolt. I'd also recommend avoiding RA-tech parts "when possible" but sadly they are the only ones making the hop from steel. Only part you ma
  2. We Co2-mags are unique in a way that they don't use nailon-based pressure-locked seals, instead they use regular O-rings held in place by the assembly and the valve is simply pushed past them to open... The design is pure brilliance as there is only two O-rings, both replaceable by regular O-rings. AKA : put some effort in and these mags are leak-proof, forever. Problem is, most ppl are incapable of going to nearby hardware store and buy those O-rings, instead, they cry about how bad their mags are on various forums.
  3. Whoah! Just read thru the topic, yes, ALL pages. Some interesting stuff here. Anyways, having a bit of byers remorse here. GHK vs WE : gas-efficancy. You see, I'm using refillable 12g Co2 capsules and filling those in the field. Fitting the capsules in the mag itself and filling them thru the tightening cap I can get approx 8-10g of Co2 in the mag. This does get me a full 30rd dump and bolt lock but the final shots are very lazy. It seems the GHK is much better in this regard.
  4. From the album: Gear & guns

    The. Best. Gun. EVER! No, seriously... Made by "Wa Shan toys" as in not a airsoft manufacturer to begin with but yes, it is a full on airsoft gun. Those shells take about 9 bbs each and keep Red Gas / ET2200 in em nicely. Very nicely made valves, easy to maintain and fix if leaks occur, mine work perfect after about 20 shots off each shell. They work in similar way to 40mm shells exept the bbs go in a single row. The shells themself have quite some potential as custom project. The shotgun itself has inner-barrels but i doubt the maker even know what hopup is, hence it truely is a

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  5. swatti

    Gear & guns

    "Tools of the trade"
  6. swatti

    Home defence

    From the album: Gear & guns

    Year 2011, took me a good 30min to pile em all up. Its safe to say none are stock.

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  7. swatti

    IMG 0272

    * Sound of exessive projectile vomit *
  8. BMW engines no doubt have some interesting ficures but more or less suffer from reliability issues, hence only few "oh wow!" -grade engines have made it into production, while 'yanks' keep the revs lower, reducing power and getting quite impressive milage off their engines. Back in the old days some lemans cars had mind bendingly big engines, thus massive power from low rev-range and in-race-standards decent fuel-economy. Ive put much miles to BMW e39 M5 featuring as many have said one of the best V8's ever made. Massive power where ever the rev-gauge needle sits, but at the top, it feel
  9. Peak-power VS Power-range. Ive driven an EVO9 packing WAY over 600bhp, ive seen the dyno pulls and they are scary stuff. However, the car was so terrible to drive at that level it had to be tuned down. Basicly, you slam the gas, revs build up, turbo starts to building up, THEN you feel like a hammer hits you in the chest and then you need to change and wait again... Its not how much peak-power you have, its WHEN and WHERE the power is. Then theres of course torgue ficures that most silly tuners or kids boasting big horsepower forget. I drive a somewhat rare car. It looks like your
  10. swatti


    Rated "R" as in Retarded! All the stupid things one can do to a gun... Here some of em.
  11. swatti

    Very simple, yes!

    From the album: Projects

    AEP-SMG's have small battery and nasty semi-lag... Not this one!! Custom built cumputer-mosfet that calculates the time it takes to fire a shot, then pre-loads the system to a point just before the piston is released. When trigger is pulled, the shot is fires as fast as if it was a springer and the computer once again cycles the piston to the back. Can fire 3rd bursts if desired. Kept well fed by a 1000mAH 7.4V lipo battery. The battery is monitored by the computer so it wont go below sertain voltage to avoid damage to the battery. The computer cirquit is cut in two pieces: 1 below
  12. From the album: Gear & guns

    "WinGun" 8-inch CO2 revolver. Full metal. Custom built hopup. BB's loaded into shells, six shells, six VERY big bangs and usually similar amount of painfull screaming... "Do you feel lucky, punk... Do ya?"
  13. swatti


    From the album: Gear & guns

    Dual Tm G18C's Both upgraded: Full tune ups, acc-barrels, AB-mosfets and bigger batterys. Outside: Cm rail, colt flashiders, ACM red-dots And of cource a massive amount of mags with set of holsters Seen a lot of use and lot of love, yet feared by many.
  14. swatti

    Mah DE's

    From the album: Gear & guns

    Interesting pair, they are both DE's but thats where the similarities end. On the left is a Cyma AEP DE. Stock gearbox-wise so far, but controlled by a computer-mosfet. No semi lag, can use lipo-battery and limited to semi-auto only. Rarity in a field but has sertainly earned its place in my holster. ACM M6 mounted. On the right is a TM DE with Guarder gen1 metal-kit. Project nearing its end, soon to be fed with CO2 and plenty of targets to annihilate.
  15. swatti


    From the album: Gear & guns

    Galaxy G7, interesting china-gun. Has steel gears, copper bushings and rest POM-parts where TM has crappy alu-gears and nailon bushings with plastic piston/etc. Has a very poor cylinderhead that was replaced by Nine Ball rather soon. Barrel gave away to NB barrel too and the result is remarkable! Has custom-made 2-piece computer-mosfet fitted to enable use of lipo-battery and its stiffer spring. The mosfet pre-loads the system after each shot so no semi-lag on this baby. Performance-wise able stand toe to toe with smaller full-size AEG's and often seen carried as backup by yours truely.
  16. swatti


    From the album: Gear & guns

    M21 conversion, semi auto only. Guarder FTK, element 200% gears, M150 spring, prometheus nozzle, KM-barrel, Systema magnum, big battery and an ichy trigger-finger. Quad-mosfet. One of my AEG-sniper projects. Turned out to be nothing short of a monster, unmatched accuracy, staggering range and no semi-lag what so ever. Usually brings a lot of population around it, some have been known to call the stock a "carrot" cause it really is that orange'ish but ive left it be, kinda looks like its from a video-game... And usually sends a lot of folk hoping there was a "load game"
  17. From the album: Gear & guns

    Why that many!? WTF... Well umm... It just kinda happened The lower one was the beginning. A somewhat rarity these days. M16A3 based on an ICS gun. Basicly it has 2-part gearbox. The chosen few know this to be one of the most durable options for AR15-base and its very easy to maintain cause it field-strips like the real thing. Its built like a Systema PTW, the cylinder-parts come off just by pulling it out. Awasome for someone trying out different parts and as such, has a mixbreed FTK and other bits and pieces to it. Real steel front, ARMS 41B front sight, G&P stock. Love the matte-co
  18. swatti


    From the album: Gear & guns

    Perhaps the best value-for-money one can get. D-boys SCAR-L. Nearly stock, new bushings, spring-quide, barrel... Computer mosfet and a new motor. Going strong and looking good. Not much more to say here...
  19. "You've been offically BROBED!" *pinch his shirt*
  20. Hmm... Inflatable missles, rope to the nose, tie it to your car... Oh god, i gotta try this!
  21. Seen some pretty hot guns here Mine! CQB & showoff -look Based on a CA870 Charger, the springer - Speedfeed stock, took 10min to mod into as-gun - G&P metals & Med.long front - Adv.tech.inc heat shield and ghost ring -sights - Charger pumphandle Internals CNC-made out of anything and everything, converted to use Marui hop-up rubber and barrel. Re-built adjustable hop-up. I want verticall pumphandle SO bad for that... Once i'l get my camera back i'l show you how she looks today
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