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  1. Found this WE vs G&P gbb m4 with lots of pics. LINK
  2. Found this WE vs G&P gbb m4 with lots of pics. LINK
  3. http://weairsoft.com/index_product_view.ph...mp;imgid=452574
  4. Hey, I have decided against the WA, and am about to purchase the WE. Can't possibly read through all 50+ pages, so here are a few questions Is the bolt stop the only part that needs to be replaced? Can the WE run reliably on green? Which parts of the gun is metal and plastic? What is the quality of the metal? Any issues with the mags? Anything i should take note of? thanks!
  5. Has anybody seen the "PGC value lock"? Its supposedly allows 50 rounds of continuous shooting without a problem. Video here.
  6. Dammit those M4 length, 203 handguards looks great! And yes they must be RS. If only G&P made one..
  7. May i know the total cost? And could you upload the pics, drawings and descriptions you sent Justin? Thanks
  8. Nice job! Grip looks a little thin though.
  9. Testing. New batteries. Alright, the reticle is darn right hard to take a picture of, so bear with these.. (all on brightest mode) Best pic^ The reticle is really nice, i must say. PROS + Solild + Heavy + Waterproof + Works great + No ghosting CONS - Paint comes off easily, when knocked against a hard surface - Some parts rust - Cheap wiring inside And there you have it, the Samurai Red dot Acog. Thanks for viewing.
  10. Rubber eyepeice. The rubber eyepeice is removable. The telfon tape was added by me to prevent the eyepeice from popping out accidentally (never happened before). Disassembly. Yes it can be disambled. Just remove the 4 hex screws here. Note the o-ring The insides were not painted properly, but who cares.. Nobody is going to take a look inside. * The acog can function without the back part.
  11. A look at the battery cap. (Note the o-ring) Windage and elevation. The caps are full metal, and the insides looks filthy. (Again, note the o-rings) Rail. The 2 screws in the middle can be removed, to allow the acog to be fitted into an armalite carrying handle (not tried). I don't think it will fit before some filing, as it may be to wide, to accommodate the batteries. (Note the rust) Before losing the two nuts, the acog fitted onto 20mm rails with no wobble at all. Glass. The glass is clear is of decent quality. It may shatter on impact wi
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