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  1. Not the best picture...But all I can manage before I start packing them.
  2. Thanks Wingmann...Now to wait for this cloudy weather to gtfo so I can get some good pics of my new toy.
  3. So I'm wanting to make a Belt Rig for my MP7/SR25 combo. What mag pouches work best for the 40rd mags? I fgured this would be the best place to ask. Only need something that will hold 2. Any help is appreciated.
  4. Just got a DE M1014. :D

  5. Shinn

    A&K M60VN

    Great review. Convinced me to pick one up.
  6. Looks good fiddle. Can't wait to get mine.
  7. I just got my TM p226 Pics will come when my camera charges lol
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