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  1. corrigan good to see it finally paid off, looks wicked.
  2. same here man, which i thought was pretty *suitcase*
  3. binary that is a wicked lid, pretty much what i'd be rocking if i could pony up the cash.
  4. whats the recoil pad you have on your stock? needing one to finish my CAG MRE build.
  5. Looks like a readymag to me, i know they are in use. type it in on WGC No. 6&7 on the page But it could be a mag coupler for all i know. Edit:cos i don't be very good at the computery stuff
  6. Better you than me! hope things go well for you
  7. Well nice to see another few mods, should help with keeping this forums running smoothly. Congrats guys!
  8. looking pretty good Doc. you can never get it 100% though which is a shame but nevertheless you have done very well. i think a rep point is in order for your hard work
  9. im quite annoyed at you sid! i want one now. great review cheers
  10. Just think of those poor people with only 5 channels such as i. an endless amount of the old classics, as they are know. how many times have i seen the santa clause movie? i have lost count.
  11. MAG AKA old lady who is so lazy she drivers a car with her lights on to blind people and to get to the local shop wich is only 20 feet from her front door and is a member in the infamous Mothers Agains Guns" yes shes the one! the source of everyones troubles no wait she needs an umbrella
  12. Another thing torches i hate them! i do abit of hikeing and i walk the dog every night, but why oh why do people need to use torches. do they not realise that you can actually see at night if you allow your eyes to get acustomed to the dark. they enjoy shineing their bright lights in your face too. WHY oh WHY! i don't mind them of you want to look at something closely but why just randomly point it any where? and for tactical use their fine. im sure i will think of more!
  13. beware rant to follow! moterists that are intent upon killing me. yes i ride a bike a fair amount of the time so sue me not try and kill me. on that note people who drive to things like the corner shop which is about a minutes walk from where they are, get off your bums you lazy gits! stop killing the enviroment! anything remotely mircosoft! nuff said really mates who think its GAY to go play with plastic guns which fire lil balls of plastic and the fact i spend so much money on it. well i am not like you i have a HOBBY! people who think its is offensive to call me names and s
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