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  1. A condom silencer, aye? Good idea...as an M4 w/AIDS is just silly!

  2. I hate you, Just pure hate.
  3. Lol, yes im sure i know what i just bought I had Boomarms make it for me. Its exactly like the wgcshop custom.
  4. lol thats what i was saying. It's sooo nice in person, but from holding 1911's, then pickin up a p226, it was to big and bulky for me.
  5. Lol, actually nope. Boomarms is a great company, the gun alone ( with the carry handle and one g&p midcap, cost me 272 shipped and it shipped over night.
  6. yep, everything on the gun is g&P
  7. yeah pgc kit. If you look and the trigger guards you will notice the difference between the kits.
  8. My surefire 310 is on its way.
  9. My p226 , with a pgc kit, i didnt take the pic and i dont have that silencer. but you get the picture. its nice to look at but i like m 1911's more. thinking about selling it, but it is sooo pretty
  10. oddxbird

    1K club

    sr-25's are not my thing, but that one is a BEAST!!
  11. Because noodles are just a tasty as 1911's look
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