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    Current guns:<br /><br />WA FBI Trial<br />SD SW1911 Slide 2-Tone<br />Stock WA Long-type recoil guide<br />PDI Threaded Barrel Silver<br />GP Socom Suppressor<br />Custom Grips<br /><br />WA Wilson Supergrade<br />SD Kimber Slide Black<br />PDI Palsonite Recoil guide<br />PDI Threaded Barrel Black<br />GP Socom Suppressor<br />Custom Grips<br /><br />WA MEU Early
  1. Malmsteen fan mostly Plus it looks kinda cool when it's level with the scratchplate
  2. Here is my mexican strat, it has seymour duncan pickups in it, everything else is stock.
  3. Here's mine. No-brand semi-acoustic
  4. Cyber Soldier, which system do you play? I used to play Labyrinthe for a few years, until real life took over. Would love to go back this summer though.
  5. I love them, they're not uncomfortable at all - they're pretty light so you can wear them for hours and hours... minimal pressure on the ears too. The sound quality is crystal clear and well-balanced like you'd expect. I wish the cable was a little bit longer, but that's really the only complaint I can think of so far. YMMV though, my judgment might be clouded by the price tag
  6. I got this cool monogrammed stethoscope from my aunt.
  7. I ride a cheapo Carrera at home (first road bike, so decided to start out cheap and simple); and a LeMond at school. I'll probably get myself a fixie or a single speed for transport around London sometime next year though, since I love riding track bikes.
  8. No, but awesome stuff happens if I tap the heels together and say the magic words
  9. hooplabuga, awesome! First reminds me a bit of The Boss from mgs3. Also >:3
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