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  1. Ah, cheers :)

    I forgot to fudge my birthday again, it seems :D

  2. Mega thanks for the article on lubing gas shells. I was wondering why they kept going off when I filled them! +100!

  3. Sod em, I thought it was funny :D

    Even if I did have to look up to find who Kanye West and Taylor Swift were... *returns to cave*

  4. A fan of both ASF and Andi Sexgang eh? :D

    I'm quite a fan of Virgin Prunes, The Marionettes and The Very Things myself :)

  5. You're a fellow G&P 'realist' (i.e, someone who knows they're ######). I am your friend :D

  6. Thank you! I tried to put similar comments but of course I got censored.

  7. Haha cheers! I may keep it about for a bit then :D Its a Doozer from Fraggle Rock.

  8. Havent seen you for ages buddy! How's it going?

  9. You're a moron...but at least you're an honest one :D

  10. Whoops :o And I thought I had you in my friends list already? :o I wuz rong!

  11. Awww, you is my fwiend :) I will be your fwiend too! :)

  12. Your username made me LOL hard :D

  13. Guzzi-like? You mean all broken-down and useless? HAHA Thatd be me!

  14. Is an ace series...they kinda messed up the end though, I thought.

  15. A fellow George Carlin fan! Bonzer! :)

  16. Aww, thanks :D That ones taken from a sub-species from Transformers :D

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