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  1. Yeah they are both Dumbo, Husker isn't a rex no, though I can see why you'd think he might be. They are both now completely intergrated with Tau and are all rocking around the same cage Oh and btw...the Dungeon Keeper logo as an avatar is awesome 2 more of Husker: Taken just before the cage was cleaned out, hence it looking a little like a tip 3 boys really make a mess lol
  2. Hello, My name is Lee, and I'm an addict.... Husker (the brown) and Helo (the grey hooded) Just going through the motions of introducing these two boys to Tau. Helo and Tau are fine, Husker can't seem to understand that he cannot challenge the big fat adult rat and win at the mo lol
  3. He's now pretty much gone one colour. His silver hooding is barely visible anymore, though that me be because he needs a wash lol He has good fun scaring the cat though,
  4. Birthday today: and odd as it sounds my gf struck a deal in which I get her bike as she finds it rather heavy, and I pay for it over the next few months, and then she'll get something lighter.
  5. Our first rat Eko is a champagne hooded Dumbo. Tau is a fancy not a dumbo, but has a very light silver hooding,
  6. Following on from the pics in July of my first Rat Eko. May I introduce Tau: Our 9 week old baby boy
  7. I'll go for some of that too. Toshiba Who deliberatley design the power port on the side of the laptop so that the one load bearing part is made of plastic with a shelf life of 18 months. Once it breaks, you can't charge the laptop and it's (according to my PC repair chap) either £90 for the tiniest piece of plastic, or a new laptop. (or in my case, slightly less for a repair job from said PC repair friend but which is only temporary...and a year later is on the verge of going again) grrrr
  8. Awesome guy to deal with.


  9. Our boy Thoth, just got him today
  10. Congratulations you get 1 e-cookie How bout the other pic?
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