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  1. CA M249, started life as a MK II. Now has G&P stock, RIS and Ranger grip and Madbull Noveske flash hider.
  2. My latest build, G&P body with Guarder internals, Noveske flash hider, KAC RAS, vert grip and handguard panels, Guarder PEQ, NSN ACOG and crane stock.
  3. There is, but the Irish use regular DPM kit sometimes, so I went ahead and bought the Arktis DPM rig. It was a hell of a lot easier than finding more Irish DPM. I've grown to like the mixed look as well. Oh, and very nice kit Titleist, I meant to say something last post I had.
  4. My Irish Defense Force loadout. Kitlist: TM AUG A2 (upgraded) Irish DPM pants, blouse, boonie Arktis DPM chest rig black balaclava black Harbinger gloves black combat boots Cobra radio and throat mic Loadout is pretty much complete, just needs an EOTech and more mags.
  5. Simple pictures taken after completion: I want to come up with something to carve on the slide, a short Latin phrase or something.
  6. From an Irish guy . He was in the Republic of Ireland and couldn't wear it, so he sold it.
  7. AUG I'll be getting shortly, PLCE I haven't started looking for yet. The PLCE is supposed to be fazed out soon anyway, so I'm thinking about just using an OD MOLLE vest and going for a bit more of an Irish Merc look. Which would make sense, seeing as I'd be the only guy at the field with Irish DPM anyway.
  8. Irish DPM for the win. I'll get some pics up of it being used later.
  9. If you're referring to me, I just got it a couple days ago, and my camera is acting up. I just had to post it up.
  10. Who said I wanted to log in to that hellhole? Just something I discovered not long ago when I posted something on there concerning a certain scammer... Seems to me that some of them are just too stupid to conceal their true identity
  11. I seem to remember there being a topic a while back on this, but I can't find it. My new message count is saying I have -2 new messages. It's not that big of a problem, just wondering why it is saying that, since I have read all my messages.
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